Metal Gear Solid 3, a work of art brings Snake and EVA to life

Metal Gear Solid 3, a work of art brings Snake and EVA to life

Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater is one of the most loved chapters by fans, who are ready to pay homage to it in the most disparate ways.

Konami would not in fact intend to revive the adventures of Snake with a remake of the historical, third classic chapter (without detracting from the fifth episode that you find on Amazon ), although for some time there have been rumors of a possible return.

Several sources had confirmed to the journalist Andy Robinson that the Japanese company would in fact be ready to dust off Snake Eater with a remake, currently a fugitive.

Now, between a portable version of MGS3 and the other , someone has created the diorama dedicated to the most beautiful game ever.

As reported on Reddit , an enthusiast has in fact created a small Metal Gear Solid 3 themed work of art , so beautiful it looks official.

In fact, we can admire Snake and EVA in a lush wooded environment, as if it were a real sequence taken from the game.

The Snake figure is created by the fan by putting together the head and body of the ‘Hot Toys Naked Snake VGM15’ with the clothing of the ‘Medicom figure’, while that of EVA is the ‘Big Mama’ figure of SW Toys. Below, you will find an image of the final work.

Moved my display cases around today and figured I’d share em with the reddit. from metalgearsolid


Surely, it is a jewel to be proudly displayed in the room , perhaps right next to the collection of original video games dedicated to the Metal Gear Solid saga .

Staying on the subject, in the past few weeks someone has enjoyed recreating a version of Snake from Metal Gear Solid , thanks to the editor of the soulslike Elden Ring , for a truly unique result.

But not only that: have you read that another fan has thought of including one of the historical locations of MGS3 in Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain ?

Finally, if you want to discover the best and worst chapters of the series created by Kojima and Konami, take a look at our ranking .

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