Metal Gear Solid 1, but free and starring a gecko

Metal Gear Solid: There are generations of stealth video games that have been influenced by the first and unforgettable Metal Gear Solid. Originally released in 1998, the title consecrated the figure of Solid Snake (but also that of director Hideo Kojima), who had already had his first raids in the two previous Metal Gear.

Its Life bar, the top right radar with its different statuses, the equipment slots in the corners, the codec in shades of green, the view from above, and the view that rotates when flattened against a wall: are all features of Metal Gear Solid that have marked an era, and which are taken up by Covert Critter.

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After 12 days, our fully-fledged love letter to Metal Gear Solid is finished. Rank through all 8 levels and stop the hawk menace!

– sodaraptor (@sodaraptor_dev) July 19, 2022

Let’s talk about a fun stealth video game made by just two people for a game jam, that you can download for free and that doesn’t do anything – and why should it? – to hide that he was inspired by the story of Solid Snake in Shadow Moses.

This is how our hero is replaced by a reckless gecko struggling with an organization that has taken over nuclear missiles.

Our new darling, equipped – needless to say – in an infiltration suit complete with a bodice and bandana, can take advantage of various equipment and diversions over the top, like a surprise box (!), But also a drone that drives itself like a Nikita missile.

To help him in his quest is the Radar Soliton, which shows the enemies on the map and their field of view. Moreover, being the protagonist a gecko, he has the possibility of camouflaging himself by taking on the color of the walls, with a feature that recalls the OctoCamo that we will then only see in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

The result is truly adorable, as you can see for yourself in the gameplay video embedded within this news. If you want to play the role of Solid Geco you can download Covert Critter for free on at this address. For our part, we can only virtually embrace the authors sodaraptor and NormalHumanSixx for this delightful tribute to the origins of Metal Gear Solid, made in only twelve days and divided into eight different levels.

The saga, for its part, is waiting for the return of its historical episodes after licensing problems, while celebrating its first 35 years. The latest release is that of Metal Gear Survive, a spin-off of The Phantom Pain (you can find it on Amazon ) made after the divorce from Hideo Kojima. Since then, there has been talking of a possible remake of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, but on the official front, everything is silent.

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