Metal Gear 2 wasn’t actually supposed to be called Metal Gear 2, says Kojima

Metal Gear 2 wasn’t actually supposed to be called Metal Gear 2, says Kojima


It was July 20, 1990 when Metal Gear 2 officially made its debut on the market. The title, the longest-running will remember, was a direct follow-up to the original Metal Gear that arrived in 1987, after the apocryphal episode Snake’s Revenge attempted to do things its own way in the West – with little success.

The more attentive will remember that this game, in reality, had a more extended name: it was titled, in fact, Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake . In reality, however, the idea of ​​the author Hideo Kojima was to completely omit the name of the saga , betting instead on the name of the protagonist . In practice, if this proposal had been successful, probably today the “Solid Snake” brand would be even more recognizable than the “Metal Gear” one.

Just on the occasion of the 32nd birthday of the title, Kojima told the little background on his Twitter account , letting it be known that he proposed to call the game simply Solid Snake , following the trail of the names of the Indiana Jones films .

As explained by the author:

«Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake has been on the market for thirty-two years already? To tell you the truth, I had planned to create the title of this sequel in the style of ‘Indiana Jones’ , including only the name of the main character. I didn’t want Metal Gear 2 in the name , but the sales staff said to put Metal Gear 2 in the title as well . In the end, we put them both on. ‘

I didn’t want to put “METAL GEAR2” in the title, but the sales staff said to put “METAL GEAR2” in the title! So we ended up with both.


In short, it seems clear why Konami wanted to insist with the name of the game, in order to give the idea that it was linked to the original Metal Gear and to be able to continue building starting from the results of the predecessor.

Since then, we know that the name has remained a constant, with the addition of the suffix “Solid” from the episode released on the first PlayStation onwards, to recall the transition to graphics in three dimensions, made of solids, compared to the old 2D. Certainly, that was the game that even more than Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake ended up consecrating the figure of Solid Snake, still one of the most beloved characters of the videogame medium.

Years ago we told you in our retrospective video all the curiosities about the origins of Metal Gear : if you missed that episode and all the others, you can recover them at this address , but keep aside more or less five hours free.

Today much of the saga is unfortunately impossible to recover, due to licensing problems that led to the removal from major stores. However, Konami said it should be able to fix them soon , allowing people to resume buying its great classics. And if there’s a game to play in this era, it’s probably Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty .



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