Matchpoint: Tennis Championships Proven – Is the great tennis back

Matchpoint: Tennis Championships | Proven – Is the great tennis back?

There is a strange and positive turmoil around videogame tennis. Matchpoint: Tennis Championships is the latest in a decent list of titles that – unlike in recent years – are populating the market, as if to show that interest in this sport is still very much alive and possibly profitable for companies.

After some rumors discussing a possible Top Spin reboot by Hangar 13 (we hope so much, but at the moment there is no official status), simulation lovers are about to experience a new potentially golden period. We say potentially because although the offer of themed titles is substantial, quality is still lacking . We have seen it with AO Tennis 2 (here is the review ) and Tennis World Tour (here the review ), but also with Tennis Manager 2022 , a series that still has a long way to go to be able to blossom.

Thanks to a game presentation event, and a preview code that allowed us to try the product, we realized that unlike the other titles just mentioned, Matchpoint: Tennis Championships is a well-centered game, with a system of game that finally goes in the right direction.

Torus Games is a development studio that may not say much to gamers, and indeed there aren’t exactly memorable masterpieces in its portfolio.

It is a small family-owned Australian company that has several titles to its credit, and is facing a noteworthy challenge for the first time. First of all, because it bears the burden of having to relieve an entire movement that has continued to fail for ten years; secondly, because it has the great opportunity to become the new benchmark of the genre.

In reminding you that Matchpoint: Tennis Championships will arrive from the launch in the Game Pass catalog (you will find various subscription cuts on Amazon ), and that soon everyone will be able to test the actual potential of the game, we anticipate that it is the same development team that informed us about his sources of inspiration.

To the question: « Is the game more like Virtua Tennis or Top Spin ? », Torus Games did not hesitate and explained that it is the 2K series that has played a key role in the genesis of Matchpoint: Tennis Championships.

Pad in hand we confirm that it is all absolutely true, to the point that various game characteristics are in fact taken in weight by the unforgettable icon of videogame tennis. This is clearly a simulation that wants to avoid ugliness, movements and situations that are light years away from real tennis.

On the contrary, it tries to adhere to canons that lovers of this sport (and even amateur players who practice it on the field) will recognize immediately, realizing that physics is never imaginative and that the different shots actually have a weight in the economy. of matches.

Let’s start by saying that each key corresponds to a specific shot , and that you can learn with the right timing everything you need to counter your opponent through a complete tutorial and a well-focused training mode.

From the earliest stages you will therefore realize that you have everything you need to emerge victorious from any game situation. One button is used for lob, one for top spin to play safer balls, one for forehand and the other for damping. To this we must add the use of the shoulder frets that modify the length of the response and the times with which it can be hit .

For example, through a specific combination you can give priority to the volley and therefore hit the ball before it bounces for the first time on the field, so as to increase the degree of aggression after an uncertain response from the opponent or when you are in the net.

In addition, a circular power indicator, which responds to a long press of the button to impart greater force or not, together with the viewfinder establishes where and how to place your shot. The same happens with the serve: in the case of a first, you can push to the maximum with the forehand key, while with a second less risky one, you can try solutions such as the external kick (slow but more precise and with an insidious trajectory to exit) . And there is also the service from below that use whimsical players like Kyrgios and Bublik.


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