Massive MMORPG gameplay with a huge open world, construction, sea battles, and magic released

Massive MMORPG gameplay with huge open world, construction, sea battles and magic released


Independent studio Icy North Games has released a new video for its open-world multiplayer role-playing game Past Fate . The video showed fifteen minutes of gameplay. You can see the exploration of the countryside, the crafting system, resource extraction, fighting the undead, and interacting with NPCs.


Past Fate is described as an MMORPG set in a medieval setting, specifically in the world of Nendir. Two warring factions, Valfalk and Morsat, are fighting for power. The player himself will have to decide which of them to join. If desired, gamers will be able to act independently, performing various tasks.

In the game, you can build a ship, hire a crew and go on an adventure. Naval battles are included. The authors promise players complete freedom. The developers also refer to the features of the vast territory of the open world, consisting of reservoirs, islands and entire continents.

“Find kingdoms to trade goods or buy supplies for your journey, team up with friends and explore dungeons, search for treasure or form a group to hunt legendary ancient creatures ,” the description reads.

A release date for Past Fate has yet to be announced. Steam already has a page.

All screenshots from Past Fate can be viewed here .
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