Mass Effect Legendary Edition and many other EA titles at unmissable prices on Amazon!

Mass Effect Legendary Edition and many other EA titles at unmissable prices on Amazon!

Even today, Thursday 23 June 2022, Amazon offers many new offersthat we have analyzed and of which we have made a selection of the most interesting ones so as to allow you to aim only for the best and save several euros compared to the usual list price.

Among the offers that we want to highlight today, there are those relating to video games produced by Electronic Arts , including Mass Effect Legendary Edition , which you can currently take home for only € 24.99 , compared to the usual € 59.99 list, with a 58% discount and a real savings of 35 € .

Mass Effect Legendary Edition will give you the opportunity to relive the legend of Shepard , creating and customizing your character both in terms of physical appearance and skill. Furthermore, this compilation will allow you to face the entire adventure while maintaining your choices in the passage from one game to the next, which can affect the missions and, even, the very future of the galaxy.

In our review we stated that ” The definitive edition of Mass Effect, at least for the sci-fi RPG of the highest lineage as it was conceived and not in the sense of a remake that would upset the traits, is however a product that is worth the worth re-exploring for fans of the original discouraged by BioWare’s recent direction and eager for great stories; and it is an adventure that those who over the years have wondered what is special about this series, but have never deepened it, can now live in a more modern and enjoyable format. “

This is just one of the many products that you can find at a discounted price on Amazon and of which we invite you to consult the complete catalog by following the link below. Finally, we remind you that every day we point out the best offers on the net, which you can find in our dedicated area of ​​the site .

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