Lost Scavenger Game Review

Lost Scavenger


Game DescriptionLost Scavenger
Lost Scavenger is a very interesting turn based RPG strategy game. The user will have to do absolutely everything to stay alive after the global apocalypse happened not so long ago. The main character here is the last person who, only by the will of fate, was able to save his own life.

It is on his shoulders that the task of finding the way to his home falls. To begin with, you will have to study everything that remains after the huge cities and endless streets, dodging unreliable structures. Also on the way there will be a huge number of obstacles and difficulties. They need to be solved in order to move forward in game progress.

Do not relax, because in addition to the destroyed cities, the user will be able to meet with a huge number of opponents who are clearly not happy to see the last surviving person. To defeat them, you will need to independently create weapons from improvised means, improve skills and use the features of the environment. It is important to carefully move forward in order to avoid possible skirmishes with too strong and bloodthirsty opponents. An interesting storyline will draw the user in literally from the first minutes of the game.


Minimum system requirements:
Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core i3
Video Card: GeForce GT 660m
Hard Drive Memory: 2GB

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