LG 24 ″ 144Hz gaming monitor for less than 150 euros on Amazon!

LG 24 ″ 144Hz gaming monitor for less than 150 euros on Amazon!

Even today, Wednesday 6 July 2022, Amazon offers many new offersthat we have analyzed and of which we have made a selection of the most interesting ones so as to allow you to aim only for the best and save several euros compared to the usual list price.

Among the offers that we want to highlight today, there is the one relating to the LG 24GN53A gaming monitor , which you can currently take home for only € 149.97 , compared to the usual € 219 of the list, with a discount of 32% and real savings. of € 69 . This is an exceptional opportunity to take home an excellent gaming monitor at a discounted price!

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The LG 24GN53A gaming monitor is equipped with a 24 ″ panel at 1,920 × 1,080 pixels (FullHD) resolution and first of all has 1 ms response time . It means, therefore, that the time that will pass from your input to the reproduction of the action on screen will be practically imperceptible.

Furthermore, the 144 Hz refresh rate , practically from next-gen, gives great fluidity to the images , which allows a very fast refresh rate for images, reducing possible wake effects during animations and doing justice to even the most performing frame rates. that you could reach, without “throttling” them.

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The LG 24GN53A gaming monitor , equipped with both Display Port to take full advantage of its features with a PC and HDM I for use with a console, also supports AMD FreeSync technology , which allows it to minimize noise phenomena. such as stuttering and tearing, taking advantage of the high refresh rate of the panel and synchronizing with your AMD GPU.

In addition, it is also possible to select different modes in the settings , which allow you to change the performance of the monitor according to your needs: there is a preset dedicated to first-person shooters, one for real-time strategy and one, more generic, focused specifically on gaming experiences, more adaptable to different situations.

LG 24GN53A
This is just one of the many products that you can find at a discounted price on Amazon and of which we invite you to consult the complete catalog by following the link below. Finally, we remind you that every day we point out the best offers on the net, which you can find in our dedicated area of ​​the site .

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