Lenovo Legion: the gaming news from Empower Your Valor

Lenovo Legion: the gaming news from Empower Your Valor

During an interesting event held on May 21 in Milan, Lenovo showed its new range of Legion branded products . We were there, we touched them firsthand and we are ready to reveal some small details before a more substantial test.

The event, organized in Spazio Lenovo in Milan , wanted to showcase the power of the new Legion 5 and 7 , in all their variants. Significant components, exceptional performances: it is no coincidence that the brand is a partner of the G2 , competitive teams in different titles.

Among the most important features, we have 12th generation Intel Core, NVIDIA GeForce RTX Series 30 GPU, but also Ryzen 6000 Series . Power and elegance distinguish Lenovo once again, but let’s see them in more detail.

The new line of laptops is perfectly suited to every style of play . It is perfect for those who want maximum performance and is excellent for those who have to juggle between work and video games . In order to give space to every type of user, Lenovo has created the Legion Slim range and the more classic Legion . Both are equipped with state-of-the-art hardware, but with slightly different purposes. Both, however, have a common aspect, elegance .

Specifically, we were able to admire the new Lenovo Legion 7i and 7 laptops (16 “, 7) and the thin and light Lenovo Legion Slim 7 and 7i (16”, 7) laptops. As for maximum performance , the company has focused everything on the new Lenovo Legion 7i and 7.

These are 16-inch gaming laptops, considered to be among the most powerful in the world . We are faced with a number of innovations that seek to adapt and balance the multidimensional needs of today’s gamers and beyond that of professional gamers. Increase battery capacity to deliver maximum life in the world of 16 ″ laptops. Do not miss the integration of an FHD webcam to allow the best during a streaming in the world of laptops. Finally, we also find an excellent 16-inch WQXGA display (2560 × 1600). It also improves the cooling system which is optimized to the maximum .

For QHD gaming, the company offers the thinnest and lightest gaming laptops in the range : we are talking about the new Lenovo Legion Slim 7i and 7. In this case, we find a display with a 16:10 ratio that allows for maximum productivity, as well as guaranteeing excellent performance during the game.

Lenovo Legion Slim 7 and 7i
Among the innovations shown during the event we find the Lenovo Legion Slim 7 and 7i . These are notebooks dedicated to the ” thin and light ” segment , perfect to be taken anywhere. These are high-performance solutions despite their small size. Thin, light, but still robust: in detail, we find a metal coating that gives a weight of 2 kg and a thickness of 16mm .

We are talking about “hybrid” solutions that will allow you to move from gaming to work without any problem . As for the features we find the Intel Core H series processors and a 16 ”WQXGA display, available in the 165 Hz or 240 Hz version. Alternatively, we have the AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX version . To accompany the CPU we find the NVIDA RTX 3070 or AMD 6800S cards .

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