Kingdom Hearts 4 is all about Unreal Engine 5, but there is an important limit

Kingdom Hearts 4 is all about Unreal Engine 5, but there is an important limit

After the surprising reveal trailer arrived in recent months, fans are increasingly impatient to discover more news on Kingdom Hearts 4 , the highly anticipated new great adventure of Sora.

The sequel to Kingdom Hearts 3 ( which you can buy for less than 10 euros on Amazon ) will therefore continue the historic collaboration between Disney and Square Enix, thus officially starting what is now considered a new saga.

The graphic power of Unreal Engine 5 will certainly play a central role in the production : the development team has in fact already guaranteed that it will be a truly next-gen title .

A concept that was recently reiterated also by Tetsuya Nomura , historical director of the franchise who underlined how the graphic power will inevitably involve an important sacrifice for fans.

In an interview with Game Informer , the director of Square Enix in fact focused on the continuous graphic evolution of the franchise titles, which in order to be possible will require limits in terms of gameplay , especially due to its crossover nature with the Disney world:

“With each new title [of Kingdom Hearts], the specs are increasing a lot and there are so many more things we can do graphically, but limiting the number of worlds we can create .”

In this regard, Nomura has however reassured users about the inclusion of new Disney worlds and that it is approaching the house of Donald and Goofy to study the best way to approach this situation.

The director also took the opportunity to emphasize that he had not ignored the complaints of fans about the almost total absence of characters from Final Fantasy in the third chapter: while pointing out that according to him Kingdom Hearts ” it is not exactly that “, he admitted that he had considered the request to see greater inclusion in subsequent episodes.

In any case, it seems that the graphics power of Unreal Engine 5 will require some sacrifices in terms of the amount of Disney worlds achievable: we just have to wait for more news and find out what the next crossover will be.

After thoroughly analyzing the main trailer, fans are convinced that one of the new worlds arriving will be dedicated to Star Wars : however, at the moment the indiscretion has not yet been confirmed.

Curiously, despite the development complete with an official trailer having been announced, the voice actor of Goofy only recently learned the news thanks to the fans : the actor had not in fact been contacted yet to lend his voice to the iconic Disney character.

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