It became known when No Man’s Sky will be released on the iPad

It became known when No Man’s Sky will be released on the iPad

Apple announced at WWDC yesterday that Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky is coming to the iPad. And now it has been confirmed in a press release. It is stated that the game will appear on tablets and macbooks at the end of this year.

Besides. At least two more games are expected – the racing simulator GRID Legends from Electronic Arts and the horror Resident Evil Village from Capcom. Their release dates are unknown, but they will also appear on devices with M-processors.


All this is implemented using Metal 3 technology. This technology, together with MetalFX Upscaling (an analogue of NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR), allows you to run games on systems without discrete graphics cards. It is stated that these new technologies can provide gaming experience in 4K resolution.

Of course, all this will only work on iPads and MacBooks with modern M1 and M2 processors.

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