IPhone 13 prices leaked and it’s going to hurt

IPhone 13 prices leaked and it’s going to hurt
The iPhone 13 will be officially presented on Tuesday, September 14. They should be four and will not be given. As always finally.


IPhone 13 prices leaked and it's going to hurt
IPhone 13 prices leaked and it’s going to hurt

The information is confirmed:

the iPhone 13 will not be affordable for everyone. Obviously, for those who follow Apple smartphones, even from afar, since their launch in 2007, this is far from surprising. Every iPhone that comes out is THE phone of the year and it still costs quite a bit. The latest iPhone 12, in mini format, starts at 809 euros (with 64 GB of storage) while the most successful model, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is marketed at 1609 euros with 512 GB of storage. From single to double therefore depending on the size of the screen and the storage capacity. It will be the same for the iPhone 13 . And even a little more.

According to the Chinese site MyDrivers , which often says sane things, the prices of the iPhone 13 should be roughly equivalent to those of the iPhone 12.. This therefore confirms the rumors launched a few weeks ago by informed observers who expect a stable price for iPhone 13. Said prices were given in yuan, the Chinese currency. It is therefore necessary to convert into euros and from one day to another this can make some variations on the price. For the iPhone 13 mini, MyDrivers gives an amount of 5,499 yuan. It gives 720 euros according to the price of September 9. And as the Chinese spots are not the same as those in France, the final price should not be far from the 809 euros of the current iPhone 12 mini. It would be 890 euros (6,799 yuan) for the 256 GB version of the iPhone 13 mini. In this configuration, it now costs 979 euros. For the iPhone 13, it would start at 825 euros (909 euros in France, with taxes therefore).

The Pro models follow the same trend, except that they should benefit from a version with 1 TB of storage, against “only” 512 GB at most today. The price of the larger model should therefore increase significantly. According to MyDrivers , the iPhone 13 Pro with 128 GB of storage will be sold for 1113 euros, it is 1159 euros for the iPhone 12 Pro. In the 512 GB version, the 256 GB version disappearing, it would be 1375 euros, against 1509 euros for the iPhone 12 Pro. With 1 TB of storage, the price goes up to 1,741 euros. We can therefore say that the iPhone 13 Pro 1 TB will climb beyond 1,800 euros in France. But it won’t be the most expensive. Li’Phone 13 Pro Max, still with 1 TB of storage would appear at 14,099 yuan, or 1,846 euros. We must therefore expect a price exceeding 1900 euros for the most expensive iPhone 13 . Which would become the most expensive Apple smartphone in history. Confirmation of these now insistent trends Tuesday September 14 from 7 p.m. Watch it live on  

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