Impressions from My Time at Sandrock. The kindest survivalist in which you do not need to survive

Impressions from My Time at Sandrock. The kindest survivalist in which you do not need to survive

My Time at Sandrock recently entered early access . This is a continuation of a series of survival games in the setting of the post-apocalypse My Time at. This time, the heroes left prosperous Portia and went to the desert city of Sandrock. Now they will have to find water, build workbenches, beat enemies and build relationships with the locals – but is it interesting to do this? I spent many hours in Sandrock and I am ready to share my impressions!

Another survivor?
The original My Time at Portia was released in 2019 and proved to be a successful survival game with 92 percent positive reviews on Steam. Despite the fact that the hero had to craft weapons, and there were monsters and bosses on the way, the players were not left with a feeling of inexplicable sincerity. The developers managed to create a surprisingly pleasant world and fill it with cute characters with whom you really want to build relationships.

My Time at Portia threw in typical survivalist activities like collecting resources, crafting equipment, creating workbenches and fighting monsters, but at the same time diluted the gameplay with a good storyline and building relationships with NPCs. As a result, gamers treated the creation of Pathea Games not as another survival game, but as an original project that allows you to look at the genre from a different angle.

The developers supported the game for a long time, ported it to mobile phones and even distributed it for free , but now it’s time to continue. My Time at Sandrock is already out in early access, has gathered tens of thousands of players online and has earned positive reviews. But is it worth spending time on a novelty?

In fact, My Time at Sandrock is not much different from the original. A different setting, a different plot, improved visuals, an abundance of new activities – but the foundation has remained the same. At the same time, the basic mechanics are still as pleasant as possible, and the game world is rapidly addictive. There is nothing easier than to look into the survival game for fun and suddenly become a full-fledged resident of Sandrock, who fell in love with the sandy city and new friends.

Life in Sandrock has never been easy. The city is surrounded by desert, monsters run around, and the locals value water most of all. “Save water” is Sandrock’s motto.

Another problem is that the local repairman Mason is tired and is preparing to retire – the main character should take his place. Alas, Mason’s house resembles a barn, all the tools have disappeared somewhere, and the amount of work seems endless. But nothing – step by step you will cope with everything.

Local miners cannot go down into the ruins and resume ore mining – the lift has long been broken, and no one is in a hurry to repair it. A sandstorm flew through the city and broke the stage where the concert was planned. A local musician was wandering the desert and lost his sign when he was attacked by monsters. You will have to deal with such assignments.

However, there are more serious problems. For example, posters about the search for the robber Logan are hung around the city. Once he was an ordinary resident, but then he flew off the coils and began to do villainy. Now he robs trains, steals water and even blows up buildings. But why does he need this, and is Logan really that evil?

In general, the developers should be praised for the story. We are talking about early access, but even the current content is enough to captivate. Do not expect unexpected twists and outstanding scenes from the script: rather, My Time at Sandrock resembles an old Disney cartoon – simple, but touching and sincere.

My Time at Sandrock is not the most typical survival game, but the basic mechanics are still reminiscent of classic projects like the popular Valheim or the hit The Forest . The hero begins the journey without a pickaxe or ax in his backpack, and his site is more like a wasteland than a workshop. However, it will take a little time, and everything will change.

We craft a workbench and the first equipment, wander around the territory, throw resources into the bag, collect new devices from them like a furnace and a grinder, and day by day we become an increasingly advanced character. Gradually, the wooden pickaxe will be replaced by a bronze one, the possessions will expand, and the territory will be overflowing with a variety of tools.

Development in My Time at Sandrock is fast. Of course, it becomes more and more difficult to collect the necessary resources over time, but you won’t have to spend many days collecting them. The main thing is to find an important mineral and figure out how to get it – then everything will go like clockwork. At the same time, the most unique and inaccessible gizmos can always be bought: after all, locals willingly reward the hero for completed quests, and merchants are not forbidden to drain unnecessary trash.

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