Impressions from Elden Ring. Miyazaki transforms the genre and prepares to release the best game of 2022

Impressions from Elden Ring. Miyazaki transforms the genre and prepares to release the best game of 2022

Continuation: In the new gameplay Elden Ring showed a little more open world and a change in the time of day
Elden Ring , one of the most anticipated games of the year , will be released on June 25th . The other day Bandai Namco invited us to a gameplay session and allowed us to spend six hours in the release version of the project. I chopped hundreds of creatures into cabbage, died countless times and now I hasten to share my impressions!

What is Elden Ring?
FromSoftware has long been associated with souls-like. Many have forgotten that before Miyazaki (Hidetaka Miyazaki) came up with a new genre, the studio released fifty other games – among them were fighting games, horror, card projects and action games about furs. However, even the glorious Armored Core series is far from the success of Demon’s Souls , Dark Souls , Bloodborne or Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice .

No wonder fans have been waiting for Elden Ring so much. The authors skillfully made up the fog, hiding the details of the project, trumped the name of George Martin (George Martin) and fueled the interest of the community with a walking pot model .

Gamers learned about what to expect from the project only during E3 2021 and closed beta testing. It turned out that Elden Ring is similar to Dark Souls in everything: even the interface of the games is almost identical. However, the new product still had enough innovations: an open world, stealth, a faithful horse Torrent – but did Miyazaki manage to implement these mechanics wisely?

After the beta, it was not easy to answer this question categorically. Fortunately, thanks to cloud gaming technologies, I flew into the game and evaluated the release build. I started the passage from the very beginning and ran through the Interearth for six hours. But was it fun? And how! Who would have thought that openworld and other features would bring souls-like to life so much.

Plot Elden Ring
Once upon a time, the Interearth was like a fairy tale. All creatures lived in peace, beautiful landscapes filled the souls with happiness, and Queen Marika was revered as a deity. All thanks to the Ring of Elden and the Tree of Erd, who blessed the wondrous lands. Alas, all good things come to an end sooner or later – this happened with the Inter-earth.

One day, the Elden ring was destroyed, and the demigods, the children of Queen Marika, took possession of its fragments. No one knows how this happened: perhaps the ruler died, and the offspring tried to share a powerful object? This riddle is yet to be solved by the player. The main thing is that the power of the debris filled the demigods with strength and perverted them. Since then, everything has gone to hell.

Interearth is dying, and the only one who can save it is the chosen Tarnished One. So they called the poor fellows who did not receive the blessing of the ring and the Tree, and were expelled to other lands. The prophecy says that one day the mysterious Tarnished One will return, gather Elden together and save everyone. The burden of this responsibility must be borne by our character.

Fortunately, on the way the hero will meet not only terrible enemies, but also loyal allies. For example, the mysterious Melina immediately recognizes the Tarnished as the chosen one, after a small check, she gives him a horse and teaches him to build up strength.

All other details of the plot will have to be learned from the description of objects, dialogues with rare interlocutors and the environment – no one will chew on what is happening at all. It will definitely be interesting to dive into the lore – however, the hand of George Martin is not yet felt. It is known that he only invented the history of the world, but after six hours the lore of the Interearth does not seem more interesting than the ins and outs of Lordran.

Characters, classes and leveling in Elden Ring
First of all, the gamer will have to choose a class and create a character. If we talk about the appearance editor, then it turned out to be the most sophisticated in souls-like. Eyebrows, eyes, hairstyle, cheeks, physique and much more – almost every feature of the body is subject to the deepest customization. As a result, the characters are many times prettier than in Dark Souls 3 .

But with classes, everything is standard. There are nine options in total.

The Enchanted Knight swings well with melee weapons and defends with a shield, and is friendly with spells – perhaps this is the most flexible option. The Warrior also knows how to fight up close and cast spells, but his defense is less reliable – he relies more on dexterity. A prophet is a magician who can not only burn everything on the battlefield, but also call deadly creatures to help. The champion resembles a barbarian. He is not familiar with magic and relies only on physical strength and dexterity. The blood wolf also prefers close combat, but due to heavy armor, it is much slower – but it can withstand a lot of blows.


However, the choice of class does not determine the style of passage. Thanks to pumping, even the Champion can be turned into a skilled wizard, and no one forbids putting on a witch’s robe on him.

By the way, the opportunity to independently distribute the “souls” will appear only after the second meeting with Melina. If you explore the area in detail, clear points of interest and fight optional bosses, the path to it will take about three hours. Before that, the level rises automatically – my hero got to the lady on the ninth level.


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