Impressions from Diablo Immortal. A necromancer can’t survive without a credit card

Impressions from Diablo Immortal. A necromancer can’t survive without a credit card

On June 2, Diablo Immortal was released . This is a shareware game that can be installed on phones or PCs. Blizzard promised addictive gameplay, a pretty picture and a good story – but what kind of novelty turned out in practice? I managed to chop thousands of creatures into cabbage and I hasten to share my impressions!

What did you expect from Diablo Immortal?
Diablo Immortal has been a meme game ever since it was announced. It’s all the fault of the very phrase “You all have phones”, which gamers met with bewilderment – they expected to hear about the fourth part, but received a presentation of a dubious mobile craft. However, thanks to alpha tests, the developers managed to reduce the degree of skepticism: we also played Immortal long before the release and were satisfied .

At the same time, Blizzard actively collected feedback: the authors finalized the interface, improved rewards for completing difficult tests, increased the chance of legendary items falling out, and so on. It would seem that the game will definitely come out fit – besides, it recently turned out that it will be possible to pass it, including on PC .

Of course, gamers from Russia and Belarus were upset by the restrictions that prevented them from downloading the game in these regions. In fact, we solve the issue : on a PC, it is enough to create a new account and go to the launcher via VPN, on iOS you will have to change the account region, and on Android you can look into a third-party store like TapTap.

But is it worth spending time on Diablo Immortal at all? Complex issue. The developers have created an excellent story campaign, and the PvP mode turned out to be fun – however, the game is spoiled by monetization based on the pay to win model. Of course, a skilled gamer will easily overwhelm a novice donator, but other things being equal, the advantage is always on the side of the one who has invested more money in Immortal.

The events of Diablo Immortal unfold between the second and third parts. The heroes have already defeated Diablo and the Lord of Destruction Baal, but it’s too early to rejoice. The fact is that one of the most powerful minions of Diablo, the demon Skarn, is trying to resurrect the lord. To do this, he is looking for fragments of the Stone of the Universe: if you collect them and fill them with power, great evil will return.

Fortunately, Sanctuary is still full of brave heroes who will not allow the resurrection of Diablo. Your character is already rushing into battle to tear apart demons, cultists and huge bosses. His task is to quickly collect the fragments of the World Stone and get ahead of Skarn.

Familiar characters will help him in this. For example, already at the very beginning, Deckard Cain will meet on the way, and one of the first opponents will be the apprentice of the necromancer Zula from Diablo 2 . The writers regularly throw these meetings, forcing you to poke your finger at the monitor and exclaim: “Oh, I know this guy.”

You should not count on the abundance of CGI-rollers. The game opens with a beautiful cinematic, but then the plot is served through dialogues and animated pictures. However, the text is well written and it is fascinating to read the speeches saturated with darkness.

In general, the writers should be commended for the story. There is nothing extraordinary in it, but interesting characters are encountered on the way, and tragic scenes dilute the endless massacre. For example, the hero fails to drag a little girl to a safe place, or a good companion goes over to the side of darkness and attacks allies. It’s not shocking, but adds to the atmosphere. As a result, the plot leaves a pleasant impression.

Classes and equipment
The first step is to choose a class. There are six options in total: the Necromancer conjures and resurrects evil spirits, the Barbarian relies on brute force and does not wear shields, the Demon Hunter keeps his distance and shoots from a crossbow – and so on. All heroes have their own chips, and everyone will find a warrior to their liking. I settled on the Crusader: this is a hybrid character who likes to swing in close combat and does not forget about magic.

The gameplay of Diablo Immortal is simple. At first, the hero has only a standard hit, but after a couple of minutes, the authors will throw in a couple of new abilities. Perks will continue to unlock as you level up, up to level 50. There are not very many skills: two main ones and 12 additional ones – however, it will still be possible to assemble several interesting builds from such a set.

For example, my hero relied on area attacks. With a shield throw, he pulled opponents to him, blinded them, preventing them from attacking, and then powerfully bludgeoned them with a mystical flail. It is curious that a similar build is already available at the third level.

Equipment also affects the character. New gear, according to tradition, falls from opponents in tons. At the same time, you don’t have to carefully study the equipment – just go to the inventory, and the best good will be highlighted. It remains only to click once, and the character will immediately become stronger.

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