Impressions from Arma Reforger. How to Turn Fans into a Workforce That Pays You More

Impressions from Arma Reforger. How to Turn Fans into a Workforce That Pays You More

Arma Reforger went into Early Access the other day . The developers promised a new engine, upgraded animations and many other features – it is not surprising that the fans, who have been waiting for the new part for 9 years, were delighted. But does the novelty live up to high expectations? I have evaluated Arma Reforger and I am in a hurry to answer this question!

What is Arma Reforger?
On the surface, the Arma series can be confused with Battlefield, which added a third-person view, as well as downgraded graphics. However, it is worth at least once to fly into the battlefield, as everything falls into place. While in “Battle” gamers jumped from an airplane to a helicopter in flight, the game of Czech developers relied on realism.

During the shooting, the physics of the bullet and the wind speed had to be taken into account. The mechanics of helicopter control deserved to be played on its own. Attacking enemy bases made sense only in a close-knit group and with a clear tactic. Any wound turned into death if there was no bandage in the backpack. Going out into the open was often suicidal.

There are a lot of such chips. If you can fly into a typical shooter like Battlefield for the first time and immediately feel comfortable, then Arma forced you to delve into the mechanics, learn features and master shooting.

And in the same Arma 3 , it was the norm for ten minutes to get to the place of the task, complete it in a couple of minutes, and then run for a long time to the evacuation point. In general, connoisseurs of the series will only laugh at the problem of distances in the disastrous Battlefield 2042 .

Gamers who have had their baptism of fire and found the leisurely gameplay enjoyable have had a lot of fun with Arma. They were not hindered by numerous bugs or graphical imperfections.

Due to the high threshold of entry and uniqueness, a close-knit community has gathered around Arma. Gamers united in communities, sawed mods, willingly gave feedback to developers, and for nine years were cut into the third part.

The problem is that loyal fans motivate someone, and on the contrary, relax someone. It looks like Bohemia Interactive is from the second category – how else to explain the current state of Arma Reforger and the very essence of the project.

Reforger can hardly be called a full-fledged game. The developers themselves consider the novelty a springboard for the fourth part. They are going to test the engine, catch bugs, evaluate the reaction of the audience, and then make the coolest Arma 4 from experience . At the same time, there are no plans to distribute the fourth part to Reforger owners.

It turns out that the players replace the testers, who are usually paid by large companies for the time spent in the raw build. Or the developers just open up a free beta and then thank everyone for their help. However, in the case of Arma Reforger, gamers have to pay for participation in testing – while the price tag is solid, 1500 rubles.

In the end, there is catastrophically little content in the new product. One map, two modes, a tutorial and mod support – everything else is promised to be added within a year. In the meantime, gamers do not even have the opportunity to sit on a tank or soar into the sky in a helicopter.

As planned, Arma Reforger is an extremely dubious project for a high price. On the other hand, the game still offers a new engine and pumped mechanics. Are these chips enough to compensate for the cons? Not! However, aside from the bugs, crashes, and lack of content, Reforger does have a lot of potential.

What’s good about the new one?
Visuals have never been a strong point of the series – especially when compared with competitors. Back in 2013, Battlefield 4 looked noticeably better than Arma 3, and the status quo has not changed in the new game. However, against the background of the last part, the title really became more beautiful.

Alas, in dynamics and in general terms, the picture does not seem technologically advanced – it seems to be frozen in the past. But it is worth taking a closer look or flying around the location in master mode, as all the beauties immediately catch your eye. At times, the combination of quality textures, lighting and detail is impressive.

However, few people will buy Reforger to leisurely contemplate the beauty. Gamers want to drive jeeps, shoot at enemies and capture points – but with active gameplay, the novelty no longer seems so pretty.

But the engine began to work more adequately on medium hardware – this is largely the merit of multithreading. Arma has always been a heavy CPU hit, and splitting threads of execution improves performance.


I tested Reforger on a laptop with a GTX 1650 Ti graphics card, 16 GB of RAM and an AMD Ryzen 5-3550H processor. The configuration is simple, but it was enough to raise the settings to high and get 60 FPS.

If there are questions about the visual, then the only available map turned out to be excellent. Everon Island is huge: there are massive forests, cozy villages, large fields, military bases and much more

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