Horizon 2074 is official: first details on the Netflix series of Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon 2074 is official: first details on the Netflix series of Horizon Zero Dawn

The Netflix TV series dedicated to Horizon Zero Dawn will be officially called Horizon 2074 : the rumors leaked in recent weeks have been officially confirmed, as well as the imminent start of production.

The show should therefore not specifically concern the story of Aloy, but will deepen the events that will lead to what we will see in Zero Dawn and in the very recent Horizon Forbidden West ( which you can buy on offer on Amazon ).

The indiscretion leaked for the first time by journalist Jeff Grubb has therefore been officially confirmed : although a real announcement from Sony and Netflix has not yet arrived, the first details have already emerged thanks to the official website of the Directors Guild of Canada.

Horizon 2074 should in fact be shot in Toronto , a choice that, according to the well-known journalist, would have been adopted in order to take advantage of the related tax incentives.

As reported by VGC , a list has been published with numerous talents who will collaborate in the production, which will also include Jack Boem , assistant director of The Boys and Resident Evil Welcome to Raccoon City , and art director Michele Brady , who previously collaborated to The Expanse and Saw 2 .

Recall that Horizon 2074 , according to the first rumors, should be a parallel story divided both between the events that occurred before the beginning of Aloy’s adventure and during the ” current ” timeline that video game fans know well.

It should therefore not be a reboot or a re-interpretation of the saga, but simply an additional story that will fit into the same videogame universe.

Of course, we will promptly keep you updated on our pages should further news emerge on the project: in the meantime, you can check the currently confirmed staff yourself by going to the following address .

Recall that this is not the only television show recently announced by PlayStation: even Amazon is in fact working on a TV series dedicated to God of War .


But among the franchises that Sony has decided to adapt for the big screen there is also Gran Turismo : the film dedicated to the famous racing series will be inspired by a true story .

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