Hogwarts Legacy: here’s where to preorder at a discounted price

Hogwarts Legacy: here’s where to preorder at a discounted price

Presented for the first time at the event dedicated to Playstation 5 last September, Hogwarts Legacy is the new title of Warner Bros. Games set in the world of Harry Potter . However, the events told in the title will take place several years before the advent of the most famous wizard in the world and will see the player impersonate a student of the famous Hogwarts school of witchcraft, facing enemies and traps coming out of the Wizardry World created by JK Rowling .

Hogwarts Legacy
The synopsis reads:

“You live in an 1800s Hogwarts . Your character is a student who holds a key to unlock an ancient secret that threatens to destroy the wizarding world. You received your admission notification to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry late and quickly discovered that you are no ordinary student – you have an innate predisposition for ancestral magic. Only you can decide to protect this secret for the good of all or give in to the temptation of a more sinister magic. Find out what it feels like to live at Hogwarts as you forge alliances, battle dark wizards and shape the fate of the entire wizarding world. Your inheritance is what you decide to do with it. “

Unfortunately, no additional versions of the title other than the standard one have been announced at the moment, but we certainly wouldn’t be surprised to see editions of collections full of additional objects in the near future. Hogwarts Legacy is planned for Windows PC , Sony Playstation 4 , Playstation 5 , Microsoft Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S , thus covering all platforms on the market apart from Nintendo Switch.

Hogwarts Legacy
Initially scheduled for last year, the release of Hogwarts Legacy has been postponed to the end of 2022, as teams currently working on the work, Avalanche Software and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment , need more time to make the title. that Harry Potter fans have been expecting for a long time. Our advice, in case you are interested in the product, is to book it now, so as to have it comfortably at home for Day One.

In the case of Amazon, moreover, you can take advantage of the guarantee that provides for the payment of the lowest price reached by the product between now and its debut on the market. We also remind you that every day we report the best offers on the net, which you can find in our dedicated area of ​​the site .

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