Hitman, Agent 47 is bald because he had to be like … Coke

Hitman, Agent 47 is bald because he had to be like … Coke

It’s always fascinating to discover the stories behind the most popular video games, and Hitman’s about Agent 47’s iconic appearance is curious enough.

The return of the most famous killer of video games, whose latest episode found on Amazon , was a really nice surprise.

The latest trilogy has been a great success, and has arrived on many platforms including Xbox Game Pass .

Also because, despite the difficulty with which stealth video games usually approach the market, Hitman III has recovered development costs very quickly .

Part of Hitman ‘s success is due to his character, Agent 47 , with his grim appearance also defined by the fact that he is bald.

A feature that, as stated in an excerpt of a book reported by VGC , which was the first to be chosen in the creation of the character.

The History of the Stealth Game by Kirk McKeand is a book that, as you can guess, traces the history of stealth video games. He also does it with Hitman of course, and an excerpt from the book was shared by the author, referring to Agent 47’s iconic bald head .

McKeand explains that IO Interactive’s main goal was to create a brand that could stand the test of time .

In the book, the founder of the development team, Janos Flösser , explains that the idea of ​​making Agent 47 bald did just that, to make him the Coca-Cola of video games :

“If you walk on the beach, you find a piece of an old Coke bottle, and it’s just a piece with a C in red, you know it’s not Pepsi, you know it’s not Dr Pepper.”

A very successful mission given that Agent 47 is one of the most iconic characters in the history of video games, precisely because of his appearance.

And to think that there are those who would like to put a nice thick hair on his head: the authors of the next TV series dedicated to the character.

Who knows what IO Interactive will do for an already famous character like 007 , in the new title dedicated to the most famous spy in the world that they are developing.

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