Happy birthday Final Fantasy X, you are always beautiful

Happy birthday Final Fantasy X, you are always beautiful

On July 19, 2001 , the Final Fantasy series took a leap into the future. For the first time the characters spoke , they were played by real actors who had dubbed them : it was the day of the debut of Final Fantasy X , which also marked the absolute debut of the franchise on PlayStation 2 , a console considered a real leap into the videogame tomorrow.

Exactly twenty-one years have passed since Tidus, Yuna and companions told us about Zanarkand and the ambition to bring the Calm to Spira, with the game that then had its European launch window on May 24 of the following year.

Since then, the play directed by Yoshinori Kitase has become one of the most beloved chapters of the long-running RPG franchise . Its cast of characters, the interesting CTB combat system, the BlitzBall mini-game, the controversial choice not to have a traditional world map and the sensational soundtrack of Nobuo Uematsu elevated it to an iconic video game, to the point that in 2013 we also saw the launch of a high definition remaster ( Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster ).

The adventures of Tidus and Yuna then also had a sequel, Final Fantasy X-2 ( you can find it on Amazon ), very different in the atmosphere (at least apparently) and which concentrated the story on an all-female party (the famous YuRiPa, with Yuna, Rikku and Paine struggling with a new Spira).

The game failed to repeat the clamor of the progenitor, but carried on the universe of what could have been a saga-within-saga, as we know happened to the beloved Final Fantasy VII .

To celebrate this anniversary, as also reported by the specialized site Omnia Crystallis , Square has announced an adaptation to a kabuki show of Final Fantasy X , which will be staged in Japan in the course of spring 2023 . More details on the official website .

Today, twenty-one years after Final Fantasy X is available on practically all major platforms, thanks to the release of the aforementioned remastering: it is a video game with still a lot to say , with an ever-current message (take a look at the special video by Adriano Di Medium on the subject to learn more) and with interesting reflections on the dogmas imposed by a creed like the one in Yevon.

And some of its characters, including the legendary Sir Auron and the all-powerful sorceress Lulu, are still among the most accomplished and most loved Final Fantasy personalities .

Happy birthday, Final Fantasy X. You are always beautiful and you will probably always be my favorite Final Fantasy .


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