GTFO Review. The most hardcore co-op shooter that will make you suffer

GTFO Review. The most hardcore co-op shooter that will make you suffer


On December 10, GTFO , a co-op shooter with horror elements , was released . The trick is that the project of the 10 Chambers studio is not much like its competitors. The gameplay requires maximum teamwork, a total understanding of the mechanics and utmost care. Even the slightest mistake of one of the companions can lead to trouble. But is it interesting to play such a hardcore project? I have suffered enough in GTFO – and I hasten to share my impressions!

What is GTFO?
GTFO is the debut project of 10 Chambers, but the developers cannot be called newcomers. The founder of the company is Ulf Andersson, who in 2011, together with his brother, created the PayDay series . Alas, one day the relatives parted ways: Overkill Software was bought out, and investors began to diligently milk the game.

Ulf was upset that instead of creativity, he was forced to engage in pure commerce. It was then that he founded 10 Chambers and released a game on his own, which no publisher would have given the green light to. The concept was too unfriendly and peculiar.


However, despite the hardcore nature of GTFO, gamers liked it. They were hacking into it for two years during early access and, finally, waited for a full-fledged release. But should you pay attention to the novelty?

If you are looking for new experiences, are not afraid of challenges and, ideally, you know three comrades ready to join the team, GTFO will be a godsend for you. However, if you are a loner or looking for fun shooting games, it is better to bypass the project – otherwise it will make you suffer.

The main characters of GTFO are far from nice guys who are in a hurry to do good and save the world. They are seasoned criminals who are captured by the mysterious Overseer. Now he sends the poor fellows to a ruined research facility located deep underground.

If the four fighters cope with the task and pull out something valuable to the surface, they will receive indulgence. But the underworld is full of such terrible creatures that the hope of returning is negligible – the corpses of other prisoners scattered here and there confirm this.

It is worth noting that there is really no plot in GTFO. Before the fighters there are a number of tasks that you need to cope with – it is not necessary for gamers to know more. However, if you intend to understand the lore, be attentive to the details.

Who is this mighty Overseer? What complex are we investigating? Where did the terrible deadly creatures come from? Are the prisoners trying to get something really valuable, or is their sortie a banal game of survival? What kind of reward will they receive if they succeed?

You can find clues in the terminals scattered around the locations. Fragments of information were left by a deranged prisoner who survives in the depths of the complex for a long time and shares confused thoughts. Fans of games from the great FromSoftware will love this, but connoisseurs of a coherent and comprehensively presented story will probably score on the narrative.

In general, the GTFO universe has an interesting lore, in which there is a place for interesting events and unexpected twists, but the authors clearly did not focus on the plot. They relied on ruthless gameplay.

Gameplay GTFO
If, when you hear the phrase “co-op shooter”, you imagine a group of skilled warriors who break through crowds of enemies with guns at the ready, forget about it. GTFO is not like that.

To survive in an unfriendly complex, fighters must be quieter than water, lower than grass. They have little ammo, the enemies hit hard, it’s not very convenient to shoot, and you need to aim exactly at the head – that’s why it’s better to deal with the monsters so that no one even knows about your presence. As soon as the monster notices the group, it will emit a loud screech, and a mob will flock to your soul, which, most likely, will devour everyone.

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