Gran Turismo, date and plot of the film appear (and it’s a true story)

Gran Turismo, date and plot of the film appear (and it’s a true story)

The news of the imminent arrival of a Gran Turismo film has certainly sparked the curiosity of many fans, who have wondered how the franchise for car fans could really be converted into a compelling adaptation .

However, considering that Sony has decided to focus heavily on cinema and TV series, the choice of this brand certainly makes sense: Gran Turismo has in fact become one of the flagship IPs of the PlayStation home , also in light of the success obtained by the controversial seventh chapter ( which you can buy on offer on Amazon ).

The Deadline portal , the first to reveal the existence of a film dedicated to the automotive series, has in these hours revealed further interesting details on the film in production, also revealing its release date and plot, which would be based on a true story.

Recall that the news turned out to be particularly surprising, given that just moments before Sony had confirmed the arrival of a TV series dedicated to Gran Turismo , along with shows dedicated to God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn .

As reported by Deadline in its latest update on the scoop, the plot of the film will tell the story of a real gamer , whose skills and victories in Nissan competitions have allowed him to become a real racing driver.

While no name was given on the player in question, Kotaku suggests it could be Lucas Ordóñez , who managed to become a racing driver thanks to a GT Academy tournament on PlayStation 3, even finishing second in the LMP2 class. at the 24 Hours of Le Mans .

The film is expected to be directed by Neill Blomkamp , ​​the famous director of District 9, and should be released in cinemas on August 11, 2023 , thus suggesting that production may already be well underway.

Of course, we remind you, although it is a generally reliable source, to take the news with due precautions pending an official statement from Sony confirming the release of the feature film.

In the meantime, we remind fans of the series that only last week the 1.16 update of Gran Turismo 7 was released , which has solved a good part of the most common problems of the title.

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