Gran Turismo 7, patch 1.18 is available now: here’s what changes

Gran Turismo 7, patch 1.18 is available now: here’s what changes

With an official statement released on its official website, Polyphony Digital announced that Gran Turismo 7 update 1.18 is now available for download on the PlayStation console.

This is a patch designed to solve many of the most common problems encountered on Gran Turismo 7 ( you can buy it on offer on Amazon ), without therefore having introduced any actual gameplay news.

An update very different from the previous version, which had introduced 3 new cars in the racing game, among which one of the most popular ever in the series stood out .

This time it is therefore a classic routine update , which you will still need to download as soon as possible on your consoles to continue using all the features of the title.

Among the most serious problems solved is the bug that resulted in sudden crashes in Music Replay mode when the camera target was the Honda Sports VGT, as well as a mysterious error that prevented the correct loading of the saves from the server on the console with no save available locally.

A bugfix that will not please some users, but which predictably was fixed quickly, was an error that allowed to acquire multiple tickets , repeatedly, from the Extra menus of the Café.

With Gran Turismo 7 patch 1.18 it will also no longer be necessary to constantly reset your Gear Ratio every time you open the settings, which were previously reset to their initial values.

In addition, multiple bugs have been fixed in terms of graphics and vehicle customization: if you want to consult all the details, find the official changelog at the following address . At the time of writing this article, the changelog is only available in English, but the Italian translation will probably arrive in the next few hours.

There is therefore no good news to come regarding the legendary cars, recently affected by a price increase : precisely the excessive cost of many vehicles is at the basis of the fiercest criticisms of Polyphony Digital’s production.

In any case, Gran Turismo is currently considered one of the most important IPs of PlayStation, to the point that even a film based on a true story is now in the works .

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