God of War Ragnarok, is the launch near? Comes a clue from Thor

God of War Ragnarok, is the launch near? Comes a clue from Thor


Although the launch of God of War Ragnarok is still scheduled for 2022 today , there are still many fans convinced that the new chapter of Santa Monica could be forced to postpone, despite the many assurances of the developers in this sense.

The God of War sequel ( you can buy it for less than 10 euros on Amazon ) is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated PlayStation exclusives ever by fans around the world, but the scarce amount of updates in this regard has made fans very skeptical about the possible . launch at the end of the year.

However, in the last few weeks there have been several clues about an imminent launch – one of the most important is certainly the fact that God of War Ragnarok has already been cataloged by the respective evaluation body of South Korea .

Further confirmation of the fact that the works are now proceeding shipped has also arrived in the last hours by Ryan Hurst , the actor who will play Thor in the highly anticipated new adventure of Kratos.

In a video interview made during Comic Con Revolution 22 (via NME ) the actor admitted that he had already finished all the work related to the dubbing of Thor in God of War Ragnarok .

The interview is available in the video uploaded by content creator Steven Alvarez on YouTube, which we will present to you below: the youtuber then admitted that what Ryan Hurst meant was mainly related to additional phrases for his character.

Although the actor was obviously not unbalanced on the launch of the game, his words suggest that the development would now be close to the conclusion : the general work related to dubbing and motion capture would now seem to be well under way , thus making it possible to imagine a launch. in the same 2022.


We naturally await further official confirmations from Sony and Santa Monica, with fans who will now be able to prepare properly to face the fearsome Thor in the new adventure.

A definitive launch date has not yet been revealed, but a popular merchandise site may have already anticipated what the release month will be .

It will certainly be curious to observe the level of visual quality reached by the production, especially after some fans have started to worry about an alleged graphic downgrade : obviously we will keep you updated with all the latest news.


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