God of War Ragnarok could really be released in 2022, there is a clue

God of War Ragnarok could really be released in 2022, there is a clue


God of War Ragnarok is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated video games of recent times, especially by PlayStation users.

The sequel to the 2018 title , which you can retrieve on Amazon , was announced some time ago but the release date is still shrouded in mystery.

Santa Monica Studio had recently expressed itself on the release of the game, specified that God of War Ragnarok is still scheduled for 2022.

A few hours ago we also discovered a probable release window , relating to the publication of the merchandise dedicated to the game that will arrive in the coming months .

For those who hoped to be able to play the new adventure of Kratos by the end of the year could find satisfaction, because it seems that 2022 is safe.

As VGC reports , in fact, God of War Ragnarok has been cataloged in the South Korean market .

The Santa Monica Studio title rating is, needless to say, the highest possible: Kratos’ testosteronic adventure was not recommended for younger people .

The fact that South Korea’s evaluation has been made does not mean that the game is forthcoming , of course.

Usually, however, it means that the production process is well underway and, given the previous statements of the study, it is to be hoped that the title will actually be released in 2022 .

For example, Horizon Forbidden West was also ranked by South Korea in November 2021, and the game was released three months later, in February 2022.

After Starfield ‘s postponement , then, maybe we’ll have at least one big triple-A blockbuster to wrap up 2022 with at this point.

In the meantime, you too can join the great debate on God of War Ragnarok , which according to some has undergone a very heavy downgrade .

A title that, in any case, will meet every type of player . There are a ton of accessibility options, and the development team has been showing some of them recently.

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