God of War Ragnarok as Starfield: the announcement hides a curious coincidence

God of War Ragnarok as Starfield: the announcement hides a curious coincidence

God of War Ragnarok and Starfield are undoubtedly the two most anticipated exclusives, respectively, by PlayStation and Xbox fans, but by a curious coincidence it seems that they are not the only aspect that unites the two great productions.

In the past few hours, the launch date of God of War Ragnarok ( which you can book at the minimum guaranteed price on Amazon ) has been made official, on which the Santa Monica Studio team has admitted to having thought for a long time

If many fans have in fact said they are convinced that it is precisely the launch date to hide important clues for the story , what appears decidedly curious is that, perhaps, Sony would initially have foreseen a different day one for Kratos’ latest adventure.

As reported by ComicBook.com , PlayStation would have let slip that the initially scheduled launch date should not have been November 9, but November 11 : the same date that Starfield was initially scheduled to launch .

Unlike the production of Bethesda, postponed to next year and of which some fans are already convinced they have discovered the date , the release of God of War Ragnarok would therefore have been brought forward by a few days , but it certainly appears curious as November 11 represented an ” avoid ” date for both titles.

The indiscretion emerged thanks to Sony itself, which accidentally published a trailer for God of War Ragnarok on social media that indicated November 11 as day one: the tweets were then promptly deleted , but not before the followers managed to save the video that we will propose again below.

I got the video, they should know we move quick on drops like this, Sony playing games out here pic

– Matt Boucher (@ Trash_Gamer143) July 15, 2022

November 11 would have been in line with the previous PlayStation video game launches, happening on a Friday, but in the end the developers decided to release it on Wednesday of the same week.

Wednesday is in fact considered ” Odin’s day ” and is therefore a decidedly more symbolic and appropriate date for the launch of Kratos’ latest adventure: in any case, the fact that both God of War Ragnarok and Starfield had to give up on the same date it’s a funny coincidence.

Recall that thanks to the opening of the pre-orders we were able to find out what the performance of GoW Ragnarok will be on PS5 , however those who wanted to book the limited editions could be disappointed: the Jotnar Edition already cost over 1000 euros due to the touts .

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