God of War, but with Joel and Ellie, it’s the crossover we deserve

God of War, but with Joel and Ellie, it’s the crossover we deserve

God of War is one of the most important games of the PS4 generation, although fans have now decided to create a truly unique PlayStation-themed crossover .

Waiting for the sequel to the acclaimed exclusive release then also on PC (which you can find on Amazon at a truly remarkable price), the fans of Kratos and Atreus have decided to pass the wait in the best possible way.

So while someone has decided to turn the Sony Santa Monica studio game into a vintage comic , it’s now the turn of a merger with the protagonists of The Last of Us .

No, nothing to do with the crazy crossover that merged GOW with The Simpsons , but something even more fascinating.

As also reported by Push Square , the now famous Speclizer has decided to replace Kratos and Atreus with Joel and Ellie from The Last of Us , with surprising results.

The video shows God of War’s initial battle against the Stranger, who has been ingeniously replaced by David .

Watching Joel and David confront each other with godlike powers is hilarious; the Leviathan’s ax has been replaced by a pipe, and Speclizer has even put in some appropriate dialogue taken from the Naughty Dog game to accompany the action.


Next, we see Joel and Ellie wandering through a snowy forest , taking down some Draugr (er, Clicker), and seeing Joel come to terms with a powerful troll.

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