GOALS, the free soccer game challenges FIFA and eFootball in the new trailer

GOALS, the free soccer game challenges FIFA and eFootball in the new trailer

Gaming fans have been keeping an eye on GOALS , the triple A free-to-play in development at a Swedish software house for some time.

The release of the latest FIFA (which you can find on Amazon at a great price) and the news related to eFootball have not in fact extinguished the passion for the ball .

Not to mention that another rival, namely ULF , is ready to take the field , with all its pros and cons shown in the most recent trailer .

Now, while EA Sports FC has become absolutely official with the search for new partners for the future of the brand, the attention is shifting to the so-called ‘illegitimate children’.

As explained in the official description, GOALS puts a plate « impeccable and competitive gameplay , the number one priority of the development team» .

Using a play-and-own model, all players will then be the rightful owners of their assets, which are obtained for free in the game.

Users will then be able to sell their assets (even for real money if they wish) in a constantly changing market. Just below, you will find the first cinematic trailer released a few hours ago.

Unfortunately, to see GOALS in action we will necessarily have to wait until 2023 : only then will the developers raise the curtain on their football title.

GOALS was created by Andreas Thorstensson , a video game developer and former professional Counter-Strike player .

In any case, the title aims to attract professional players to a product that also meets eSports .

Staying on the subject, our Stefania Sperandio recently spoke to us about the new football games UFL and GOALS , which “have it to death with FIFA and FUT, but they are their children” .

But not only that: apparently even the highly criticized eFootball has finally decided to straighten the shot , thanks to some important updates that have improved its qualities.

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