Ghost of Tsushima is a success and a beautiful message for all new IPs

Ghost of Tsushima is a success and a beautiful message for all new IPs

It was July 17, 2020 when Ghost of Tsushima , a few weeks after The Last of Us – Part II , officially made its debut to close the PS4 generation, awaiting the fall launch of PS5. The title saw the debut of an all-new intellectual property signed by Sucker Punch , previously best known for his work on the InFamous saga.

An open world, an action adventure game with stealth dynamics and a strong focus on history, an art direction certainly capable of striking – but also some flaws that we have given you in our review , at the time.

How has all this been received by gamers? According to the numbers released by Sucker Punch two years later, it seems very good .

This weekend marks two years since the release of #GhostOfTsushima ! We are blown away by all of the support since then and so grateful for all of you! Thank you to everyone who has played and shared this journey with us!

Here are just some of the amazing stats since launch:

– Sucker Punch Productions Ghost of Tsushima (@SuckerPunchProd) July 15, 2022]



With infographics dedicated to the game’s second birthday, the developers thanked the players for their support, letting it know that the title has sold 9.73 million copies worldwide.

These are very important numbers also for their significance, considering that the market of AAA games (the very ambitious and very expensive ones to make) is often afraid of experimenting with new intellectual properties, preferring to rely on sequels of already successful and well-known brands. – sometimes, to the point of exhaustion.

For comparison, we know that The Last of Us – Part II , which as you will remember ended up at the center of many controversies, many of which we would just like to forget because of their tenor, has sold something more than 10 million copies , thus having performances not dissimilar despite being a sequel to a very successful progenitor.

Ghost of Tsushima is available on PS5 and PS4

It did not go so well, you will remember, at Days Gone , with the case of its sales that caused controversy and vitriolic farewells precisely regarding the success of Ghost of Tsushima : when, in fact, Sony made known the first numbers of the adventure of Jin Sakai, director Jeff Ross complained that in his time at Bend Studio, those same milestones were made to feel like a failure .

Today, Ghost of Tsushima has also arrived on PS5 with its Director’s Cut (which you can buy on Amazon ) which we told you about in our review and which will surely have helped to fill the numbers of its sales.

We will now see what the future of intellectual property will be, thanks to this first show of strength at its debut which underlines how there is space in the market for the new IPs.

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