Gaming steering wheels | The best of 2022

Gaming steering wheels | The best of 2022

Gaming wheels are essential accessories for racing game enthusiasts, precisely because they allow those who play to have an even more engaging and immersive experience . If only a few years ago the number of models available was very limited, nowadays it is possible to find a huge variety of products able to meet the needs and tastes of all categories of players.

On the market it is in fact possible to find some simpler, cheaper models suitable for beginner players, or more avant-garde gaming wheels full of interesting features. The latter are the perfect solution for those on a substantial budget and want to get the best out of their gaming experience.

Here is a detailed overview of the best gaming steering wheel models for consoles and PCs, with a journey through their characteristics.

Thrustmaster T-GT II

The best choice for PS5, PS4 and PC
Thrustmaster T-GT II
The Thrustmaster T-GT II gaming wheel is the best choice for that category of gamers who have a good budget and want to buy a high quality product full of interesting features . It is a gaming wheel with a three-pedal pedal featuring a 40 watt Brushless motor. Thanks to the force feedback system in real time, the force perceived by the player will be exactly the same as expected by the game: in this way, the player will be able to enjoy an extremely faithful reproduction not only of the behavior and movements of the racing car, but also road conditions. By choosing to purchase this model, race gaming enthusiasts in possession of a PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 or PC will benefit from an incredible level of detail and an extremely realistic racing experience. It is a gaming wheel that belongs to a high price range, therefore more suitable for those who want to get the best out of their car racing.

Logitech G29

The perfect quality / price ratio
Logitech G29
The Logitech G29 Driving Force Gaming Wheel is the best choice for that category of gamers who want to buy a high quality product without breaking the bank . The device is compatible with PlayStation 3, Playstation 4, Playstation 5 and PC . It is a gaming wheel capable of offering an immersive and immersive gaming experience thanks to the adjustable and pressure-sensitive pedals and precision steering . Thanks to the Force Feedback technology , the turns are silent and precise and the player can enjoy a realistic and engaging driving, at the same time perceiving the different types of terrain that he encounters during the races.The steering wheel can be rotated to an angle of 900 ° for an extremely realistic driving. Made of stainless steel and leather , the device features a sleek, high-quality design. The racing set can be completed by adding the Driving Force shifter , which allows up to six gears to be shifted at the right moment, just like in a real racing car. It is a quality device and extremely comfortable to use, thanks to the game controls that are easily accessible and always at hand: in addition to the directional keypad, the player has at his disposal the buttons, the steering wheel levers and some LED lights. .


Logitech G920

A great choice for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC
logitech g920
The Logitech G920 model is compatible with Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC . It is a gaming wheel capable of offering an immersive and realistic gaming experience , able to simulate the driving sensations of a real racing car thanks to the precision steering. All this is possible thanks to the Force Feedback technology , thanks to which you can enjoy a silent and dynamic driving. In the package you can find adjustable and pressure sensitive floor pedals, with integrated accelerator, brake and clutch. Thanks to the two-motor force feedback, the player can also perceive any type of terrain. Just like the G9 model for Sony consoles, the Logitech G920 can be enhanced with a six-speed Driving Force gearbox.

Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari Intergral Racing Wheel

High quality for PS4, PS5 and PC
Thrustmaster ferrari
The Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari Intergral Racing Wheel Gaming Wheel is one of the best-selling gaming wheels ever among PS5, PS4 AND PC gamers . This is a high quality Ferrari branded product that belongs to a medium / high price range. Thanks to the powerful 25 watt brushless servo motor , the steering wheel guarantees precise performance and flawless control of the car on any type of terrain. The guide is precise, constant and silent: the double belt system allows to minimize any type of noise or disturbance, while ensuring fluid and extremely realistic movements. The T300 Ferrari model is part of the flagship series of Thrustmaster steering wheels and represents a real technological evolution in terms of performance, realism and driving precision . Thanks to Thrustmaster’s magnetic technology, the wheel is able to guarantee a very satisfactory level of precision.

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