Gaming desks | The best of 2022

Gaming desks The best of 2022


When you envision your ideal gaming station, it’s impossible not to take into account what your gaming desk should look like . Whether your setup involves using a PC with one monitor, two monitors, ultrawide monitors, or that you need to host your new consoles with a generous panel for you to enjoy the latest games, it’s hard to think you don’t want your own style. , or ideal accessories for any need.

However, finding your way around is not always easy: there are many types of desks on the market , some better than others for the needs of gamers. It is also true, however, that you may find yourself spending more than expected for a product that you may not fully exploit, or trying to save money by giving up something that would have been convenient for you: to understand, then what is the best gaming desk for your dream station, here is our dedicated guide.

Best gaming desks
Trust desk XL
Himimi Gaming Desk 140cm
DlandHome L-shaped desk
Dripex Gaming Desk 110cm
Eureka Ergonomic desk
Trust Desk XL

If you are not on a tight budget, we recommend that you focus your attention on the Trust XL Imperius desk . With a 140 x 66 cm shelf, we are talking about a desk that gives you a lot of freedom and space to easily place both a dual monitor, and even your own desktop on one side of the desk. The top shelf is covered with a removable mat, perfect for mouse use, and there are also two ports for neat cable routing. The structure is made of resistant steel and you can also adjust the height of the feet that support it. In addition, you can also decide to install a headphone holder to neatly hold your headset and a cup holder, so you never risk spilling your drink while playing.

Himimi Gaming Desk 140cm

Lots of space and lots of accessories

The proposal of the Himimi gaming desk it is one of the particularly attractive ones: we are talking about a 139.7 x 60.96 x 76.2 cm shelf, which allows you to arrange two monitors with absolute comfort and manage the available space without constraints. You could also arrange the monitors on one side and leave space for the consoles, for example. The desk, made with a welded steel frame, guarantees great resistance and is structured in the shape of a T, in such a way as to distribute the weight in a balanced way and to guarantee enormous stability. In addition, the top shelf comes with a carpet that covers it entirely, to be installed at the user’s discretion, which can be easily removed or washed. Also present are the headphone hook, cup holder and a system for tidy cable management.

DlandHome L-shaped desk

For a side shelf

For a different solution in look, price and idea, keep an eye on the proposal by DlandHome , which has created an ideal desk for gamers which, however, has an L-shaped structure: this means that the top shelf, of 140 x 80 cm, has an extra extension on the left side, flanking you and thus allowing you to arrange some accessories at your side, rather than simply in front of you. Made with the engineered wood shelf, the desk has a non-slip carbon fiber texture and laminated aluminum alloy legs. The design is sober and modern, devoted to practicality and functionality.

Dripex Gaming Desk 110cm
Do you have little space available but still don’t want to give up the idea of ​​a gaming desk? It will be enough for you to orient yourself on smaller dimensions: this is the case of the Dripex Gaming Desk , which offers a top shelf of 110 x 60 cm. This is an ideal space for a single monitor solution, for gaming on a laptop and keyboard, and also for equipping yourself with speakers without having to worry too much. The desk is also equipped with a headset holder, cup holder and holes for the passage of cables, as well as an ARC surface that is very easy to clean. The sturdy Z-shaped steel legs allow it to support up to 150 kg of weight.

Eureka Ergonomic

Spacious, solid and with everything you need
It costs a little more than other proposals in our selection, but the Eureka Ergonomic gaming desk is without a doubt one of the best you can find on the market. Solid, reliable, easy to assemble, it has a long range and even allows you to keep three monitors side by side thanks to its width of 152 cm. From the curved and retracting front, it is extremely comfortable for working and playing in ergonomics. In addition, it is equipped with a support for any monitor power supplies, a cup holder and hooks to support the headphones. Simply, an aggressive yet elegant desk, which comes with a huge mat that covers it entirely, perfect for hosting your mouse.

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