GameStop has sold “inspired” NFTs to the 9/11 victims

GameStop has sold “inspired” NFTs to the 9/11 victims

Not even to do it on purpose, let’s go back to talking about GameStop and NFTs , in particular those sold through the recently created digital store .

While the chain’s stores struggle to deliver PlayStation 5s (as Amazon struggles too ), the company is undergoing a certain transformation.

You will certainly remember GameStop’s announcement regarding its next NFT marketplace , which also caused debate due to grotesque timing .

The digital store was in fact launched, in the general celebrations , very shortly after a series of mass layoffs within the company.

GameStop’s NFT store has been launched and, as Kotaku reports , a very unfortunate thing has happened.

For weeks, GameStop allowed the sale of an NFT inspired by a photo of one of the victims of the September 11, 2001 attack , before deleting it from the platform.

Created by a user named Jules , and uploaded to the GameStop NFT platform within a day of its debut, the “Falling Man” NFT shows an astronaut between two sets of black and white vertical columns.

“This probably fell from the MIR station ,” reads the caption of the work, referring to a Russian space station in low orbit .

But it is evident that, in addition to having the same name, the NFT in question is inspired (not to say a copy) of the famous photo “The Falling Man” taken by Richard Drew of the Associated Press , which portrays one of the victims of attack on the Twin Towers of 11 September 2001 .

A similarity that you can see for yourself, through this Wikipedia page which also reports the original shot of the photojournalist.

This NFT first sold on July 12 for 0.02 Ethereum, around $ 30 . Over a dozen were subsequently sold, costing over $ 100 .

By July 22, one had sold for as much as $ 749, while the price listed on the creator’s page for the latest copies had risen to nearly $ 8,000 .

Only on July 23 , after almost two weeks, GameStop decided to remove “Falling Man” from its platform, erasing all traces of its existence.

Certainly it is not very edifying to have allowed the sale of an NFT that plagiarizes the photo of a reporter , relative to a very serious historical fact of our contemporary history.

All while the NFT marketplace certainly did not take off at launch.

A market, that of NFTs , which seduces everyone from the creator of Dead or Alive to Square Enix, who has published a statue of Final Fantasy VII with a non-fungible token.

There are those who, despite the frenzy of the new economy, will not give in to the charm of digital content , and it is the most unsuspected video game .

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