Gamers have a growing interest in Windows 11

Gamers have a growing interest in Windows 11

New Steam statistics on used operating systems for June have appeared. And, as it turned out, the share of Windows 11 for the first time exceeded a fifth of the total. At the moment, the latest OS accounts for 21.23%.

Gamers have a growing interest in Windows 11
The leader is still Windows 10 with 71.26%, but its share has begun to decrease slightly. According to the latest data, it decreased by 2.63%. Other operating systems are in the minority. So, macOS received 2.45%, and the Linux family – 1.18%.

Microsoft released Windows 11 last October, so users have been working with it for about 9 months. Throughout the winter and spring, the new system had problems every now and then, but now it seems that most of them have been resolved.


At the same time, even before the release, companies promised an increase in performance in games, although this was recorded only on Intel Alder Lake processors with productive and efficient cores. We also note that computers based on Intel processes are used by 68.47% of gamers on Steam, AMD – 31.51%.

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