Game of Thrones now has its free dragon game in AR

Game of Thrones now has its free dragon game in AR

DracARys is a very interesting new app, more precisely a particular mobile title that uses the Lightship technology of Niantic, authors of Pokémon GO .

The fascinating saga of The Throne of Swords (which you can also find on Amazon ) was and is a name that is nothing short of high-sounding, even in the world of video games.

Just think of when FromSoftware decided to pay homage to Game of Thrones with a truly incredible quote , leaving the fans really pleased.

Now, as also reported by GameSpot , fans have a way to ride the hype ahead of the release of the new Game of Thrones prequel spin-off , House of the Dragon .

DracARys is a sort of Tamagotchi , in which we will be able to hatch and breed a dragon , but with additional elements of augmented reality .

Each dragon will be unique in its kind and will develop based on the way we treat it: eventually it will reach adulthood with the other users of the application who will be able to see and interact with it.

To command your dragon, you will need to issue voice commands in the Valyrian language , which will make fans of the TV series ecstatic.

It is time to meet your dragon. Download #DracARys in the App Store now.

– House of the Dragon (@HouseofDragon) July 25, 2022

The game, currently available on the App Store, is free to download (if you want to try it and raise your own dragon click here ).

The creator of DracARys , The Mill , is not a video game development studio, but a “global creative and manufacturing partner for agencies,” which has teamed up with Riot Games to produce a virtual concert in which the game’s heroes have performed together in a metal band called Pentakill.

Recall that the premiere of HBO Max’s House of the Dragon is scheduled for August 21st . As the title suggests, the series will focus on the Targaryen dynasty , telling the story of King Viserys and his brother Daemon, Visery’s daughter, Rhaenyra, and Rhaenyra’s best friend, Alicent.

Staying on the subject of augmented reality games, Niantic, the creator of the Pokémon GO phenomenon , has announced a new game, and it is an AR video game dedicated to basketball .

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