From Software is working on “several new projects”, check Armored Core

From Software is working on “several new projects”, check Armored Core

From Software is certainly not standing still after the success of Elden Ring , and apparently something is moving on the Japanese front.

After the last soulslike, which you find on Amazon , the software house has not hinted what its future could be in this sense.

On the other hand it also takes a while, perhaps, to recover from the work on Elden Ring , considering the media impact received from the involvement of figures such as George RR Martin .

Not to mention the continued support for the game, with the patches continuing to arrive in the Interregnum relentlessly.

It is clear that From Software is already working on the post- Elden Ring future , but as of today we don’t have any kind of information about it.

On Twitter , however, the account of the software house suggests that there will be something to have fun with .

There are “several new projects” in development, and the company is looking for many new talents to hire to be able to carry them out.

“We have started recruiting staff for a wide range of occupations for several new projects . We look forward to working with you to create games with FromSoftware. Please check the special site if you wish. “

In the special site in question there are the figures that From Software, with the classic requirements and tasks that will cover the newcomers in the company.

There are so many sought-after figures , in every development department up to the sales office, even. This makes us think that there are so many projects, and that they are impressive.

Impossible not to notice the reference to Armored Core in the choral image accompanying the announcement, together with Sekiro, Elden Ring , Bloodborne and Deraciné .


It is likely that this is only a reference to the company’s past , but if we think of the screenshots released some time ago it is plausible to think that, perhaps, the saga with mechs is returning.

And there is always the possibility that From Software could work on a title taken from a manga or anime , as explained some time ago .

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