Freebie: 16 games and 2 programs are distributed for free on Google Play and the App Store

Freebie: 16 games and 2 programs are distributed for free on Google Play and the App Store

We continue the rubric with freebies from Google Play and the App Store! Today, there are several more games and applications on digital platforms that you can add to your library for free.

Free games for android:
Emoji Match – a 2048-style puzzle game where instead of numbers you need to add emoticons ( free download );
Speed ​​Math – solve examples for speed ( free download );
Spelling Games PRO – the game will check your spelling of English words ( free download );
Word Flood PRO – word game ( free download );
Stickman Ghost Premium – 2D side-scrolling action game ( free download );
Dungeon & Pixel Hero – fantasy clicker about clearing dungeons ( free download );
Intergalactic Space Virtual Reality Roller Coaster – VR rollercoaster in space ( free download );
Egyptian Pyramids Virtual Reality Roller Coaster – another attraction, but already among the Egyptian pyramids ( free download) ;
VR Pirates Ahoy – VR adventure about exploring a sunken ship ( free download ).


Free programs for Android:
Cute Icon Pack – a set of nice icons ( free download );
Falling Flowers Red – put an animated wallpaper with cherry blossoms on your screen ( free download ).

Free games for iOS:
Breath of Dragon 2 is an open-world fantasy anime game ( free download );
Tank Battle – Mini War – old school tanks and nothing else ( free download );
Tower of Tiles – game to build the tallest tower ( free download );
Rockabilly Beatdown – classic beatmap with pixel art ( free download );
Mandala Memory HD is a 2D puzzle game where you have to find the same icons ( free download );
Neonimo is another puzzle game. The player places pieces from the “Tetris” to get to the other end of the field ( free download );
Moto Race Pro is an arcade moto racing game ( free download ).


🪄 Attention!

Freebie: 7 games are given away for free on PC at once. Among them is a space shooter with 22 unique star systems
Freebie: 10 games and 7 programs are given away for free and forever on Google Play and the App Store. There is a shooter about mutants
Freebie: PC is giving away a game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe for free that can’t be bought on Steam

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