Final Fantasy XVI is not suitable for everyone: it will be the most “mature” ever

Final Fantasy XVI is not suitable for everyone: it will be the most “mature” ever


After the awaited reveal arrived in the last State of Play event, fans are finally having the opportunity to learn many news and details about Final Fantasy XVI , the ambitious chapter of the legendary Square Enix saga.

The producer Naoki Yoshida underlined the will of the last episode of the saga to want to detach itself from its predecessors (such as Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition , which you can buy at the best price on Amazon ), especially starting from the narration and the topics covered .

The story will in fact be an extremely important factor in Final Fantasy XVI , to the point of having made the team make the decision to abandon the open world structure and simply choose to be inspired by the most popular triple A’s.

In an interview with GameSpot , Yoshida stressed that this will be the most adult chapter ever : for this reason it will not be a game suitable for any age group.

Among the many topics addressed in the interview, the producer underlined the importance of the rating of a game, underlining that his team has deliberately tried to obtain a rating not recommended for minors in order not to have any limitations in the way in which the story will narrate, which will include more mature themes than ever for the series:

“When you try to tell a story with adult and difficult themes, classifications can become an obstacle. And eventually you find yourself changing things that you only wanted to include based on an evaluation.

[…] This time we decided to obtain the “mature” rating for all the regions where it was possible, in order to be able to tell the story in the way we want ».

A mentality that has also been reflected on the European market : we remember that Final Fantasy XVI will be the first chapter of the saga to reach a PEGI 18 rating .

However, Yoshida stressed that they did not try to obtain this evaluation just to be more ” violent “, but simply to be able to explore the story more deeply with mature themes : obtaining a lower classification would obviously have meant giving up a certain type of narration.

So there is certainly a lot of curiosity to find out what will be the themes that Square Enix will address so in depth: the producer has emphasized, in a certain sense, that he wants to go back to the origins of Final Fantasy .

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