Final Fantasy XIV is free for a limited time

Final Fantasy XIV is free for a limited time

The acclaimed story of Final Fantasy XIV continues, thanks to an interesting initiative from Square Enix that will allow free access to the game for the month of June .

After all, the development team has been able to take over the now famous MMO of the saga (which you can also find on Amazon ), managing to involve a large number of players all over the world.

It is not the first time that the game is offered in free mode , although now the new initiative is certainly very interesting.

So after the official start of the new story for the Warrior of Light (with a vast array of new content and improvements ) it’s time for the skeptics to get closer to the game in the best way.

As also reported by Destructoid , Square Enix has kicked off a free access campaign to Final Fantasy XIV , which will last until June 30 at 16:59 Italian time.

As usual, there are some specific conditions : to be eligible for the initiative, it is necessary to have previously purchased and registered the game, with the service account which must be basically inactive (therefore without a subscription) in addition to having been such for “at least 30 days”.

If the conditions are met, you will be able to access the game again and play free of charge , for a limited period of time.

The login period will begin four days after the day the users first logged in. This period will unilaterally end on the “fourth day of access” at 08:59 Italian time.

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For all those who are waiting for news on the Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 side , perhaps we have a date for the reveal (and it is close): will it soon be time for the return of Cloud and associates ?

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