Final Fantasy VII Remake Coming Free to Xbox Game Pass? Bad news is breaking out

Final Fantasy VII Remake Coming Free to Xbox Game Pass? Bad news is breaking out

The launch of Final Fantasy VII Remake on PC had convinced many fans that soon the doors could also be opened for an entry on Microsoft’s home consoles, perhaps even arriving for free on Xbox Game Pass .

We recall in fact that Final Fantasy VII Remake and the new Intergrade edition ( which you can buy at a great price on Amazon ) was originally launched only on PlayStation consoles , thanks to an agreement between Square Enix and Sony for console exclusivity.

The end of the temporal console exclusivity, however, had made us think that the much appreciated remake of the adventures of Cloud Strife was now close to landing on the Xbox Series X | S.

However, in these hours Timdog , one of the most famous fans in the Xbox world, following the conclusion of the Summer Game Fest 2022 , wanted to give bad news: it seems that Final Fantasy VII Remake is destined to never arrive on Game Pass.

After admitting to being enthusiastic about the Xbox and Bethesda event, especially following the big announcements that arrived before and during the show hosted by Geoff Keighley, Timdog has in fact revealed that he has known from reliable sources on the ideas taken into consideration for the future of the brand and Game Pass.

Among these was also Final Fantasy VII Remake , which according to the dream will remain only “a dream” , clearly underlining that it will never be available for free on Xbox Game Pass.


To confirm these statements, even Phil Spencer has arrived , who wanted to give his personal ” Like ” to the tweet that we will propose again below:

It therefore seems that a free launch on the subscription service would be absolutely excluded : this does not mean that one day it can be made available for purchase on the Xbox Store but, at the moment, the probabilities would seem very low .

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