Fans make a full-fledged strategy for Mass Effect

Fans make a full-fledged strategy for Mass Effect


For several years now, a group of fans has been working on a 4X Mass Effect strategy subtitled Beyond the Relays. The project is created on the basis of the game Stellaris .

Currently, the strategy includes about 380 relay-connected unique star systems taken from games, DLC, books and comics, 24 major and minor civilizations (including humans, Protheans, salarians, turians, angarans and asari), ships, stations and anomalies from Mass Effect .

Beyond the Relays has three different game modes. The first is the traditional sandbox game from Stellaris , where each civilization starts on an equal footing. The second is the canon mode, the events of which start shortly after the First Contact War. The third is the hybrid mode.

Playing Beyond the Relays is quite simple – the project is a regular modification for Stellaris . You can download the latest version from the Mod DB portal . .

Previously, a full-fledged multiplayer was added to the Dune strategy .
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