Fan-made remake of STALKER on UE4 froze

Fan-made remake of STALKER on UE4 froze

The development of an unofficial remake of STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl on the Unreal Engine 4 has been suspended. This was announced in Discord by the head of the project Ivan Sorce. The reason for the freeze was the life circumstances that arose for some members of the team. The modder did not go into details.

Unfortunately, with a heavy heart, the project is on hold until further notice. The team is well aware that many of you have been excited about the future of this project, but unfortunately we cannot continue due to circumstances regarding team members. This is not a problem of lack of help or insufficient support – there are several real life problems that we cannot control.
— Ivan Sorce
When work on the remake resumes, the team cannot download.


Ivan Sorce planned to port the entire game to UE4, add ray tracing, high resolution textures and multiplayer. Gameplay of the mod can be found on the author’s YouTube channel , and screenshots with locations are available in his portfolio .

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