F1 2022 | Proven – The new season of Formula 1

F1 2022 | Proven – The new season of Formula 1


A few days after our test of the Miami GP , we are back to talk to you about F1 2022 in this new preview . After a brief taste of the new track, we were able to get our hands on other modes and we are ready to reveal a few more details.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to test the brand new F1 Life mode, or the F1 Sprint races , but we did see a little more on physics and dynamics . We had the opportunity to test the new cars in some Time Trials and at the Miami Grand Prix.

The full title, however, will also feature ” My Team “, Career mode and many other new features, such as VR support with Oculus Rift or HTC Vive .

Newbies and veterans alike will have to contend with a new Adaptive AI and new cars. This year, in fact, the cars are completely different and it will be possible to have more control over them .

Are you curious to know more about F1 2022 ? Follow us in our video preview

In this preview of F1 2022 , we realized that EA and Codemasters wanted to give more and more control to the user . What they have decided to do, in fact, is not only to increase the management of the car , but of the entire race system. A big difference compared to the past, in fact, concerns the management of the training round .

The warm-up lap, the one in which all the riders start together and then return to the starting grid without overtaking each other, has always been managed in the middle. In the previous chapters , in fact, we had the opportunity to drive our car during the first part of the track, but the last few meters were managed by the autopilot.


In the final phase, it was he who drove the car and returned to the starting places, whether it was the first or the sixteenth position. This year, however, we will be able to decide to drive the car to the starting square . In this case, towards the end, the missing meters will be indicated and we will have to stop in the correct place .

The same personalization system was applied to the pit stop . In previous versions, as you will remember, everything was handled automatically. In this new F1 2022 , however, we will have the opportunity to manually manage this option as well. In this case, we will have to do whatever is necessary to achieve the correct position .

Although we managed to cover several kilometers on F1 2022 , we want to remind you that this is an incomplete preview . For this reason, we will try to provide you with all possible information regarding dynamics, changes and patterns, but bearing in mind that everything can still vary .

First of all, we underline that the title is a simcade , that is a hybrid between an arcade game and a simulation racing . We are a long way from games like Assetto Corsa Competizione or MotoGP , but that’s not bad. F1 2022 remains accessible to many users and tries, in any case, to get closer to a system as realistic as possible.

The developers tried to make all possible changes in order to recreate the real conditions. The new F1 2022 cars completely change their downforce , but does it really feel in play? Although graphically we can perceive a change and although there are some details that suggest a variation, such as a different track holding, we have not noticed such a substantial difference in driving.

We ran our tests using a steering wheel, but the in-game responses still felt quite arcade. We perceive a difference compared to the past , but returning to the previous chapter, we have not felt all this diversity. Still, the cars are completely different this year and driving should reflect this change more noticeably.

During our preview we only got a small taste of F1 2022 . Unfortunately, in fact, we had the opportunity to try some Grand Prix and Time Trials . The appeal was missing the My team mode, the Championship and the Career which, according to the developers, will return full of features. There will also be multiplayer or shared screen.

The real novelty of this year is F1 Life , the mode that will allow us to have a life beyond the races . Thanks to this new section of the game, we will be able to create a completely customized avatar , but it will not only be a space in which to show our clothing, but also our supercars.

Another novelty is that linked to driving the Safety Car which will give a different touch to a game that is already complete and full of challenges: we are therefore impatient ourselves to get back on track and get our hands on all the options offered.

Our tour in Miami
Finally, we spent a few more hours on the Miami track which, for the moment, leaves us with the same impressions given during the first test. It is a street circuit built in the area of ​​the Dolphins stadium , Hard Rock Stadium.

The circuit is mainly composed of two parts , one faster and one slower. We find three DRS (Drag Reduction System) zones that help to determine the predominantly fast part of the track.

Having had the opportunity to try only a preview, we cannot express a real judgment on F1 2022 . There are still a few months to go before its official launch and the chance to win us over is just around the corner. As pointed out, in fact, we have not yet had the opportunity to try all the news, such as the F1 Sprint races or the much acclaimed F1 Life . We are very curious about the work done by the developers, since it is a very rich and interesting addition, at least on paper.


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