F1 2022 and its F1 Life: the new test before the review

F1 2022 and its F1 Life: the new test before the review

Before the final launch, we arrive at a straight leg with a new preview of F1 2022 telling you some news, after the tried a few weeks ago . In this version, we were able to focus a little on what is the brand new F1 Life , that is the new area that allows us to experience Formula 1 at 360 °.

This new hub allows you to collect Supercars and trophies and model our character with stylish clothes and accessories. Of course, there will also be a multiplayer zone in which to show all the earnings obtained to our friends.

In addition to this, the new test has allowed us to see the other innovations and the modalities that will be present at the launch, such as the Career and driving of Supercars . As anticipated, in fact, before qualifying it will be possible to drive the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series Safety Car and the Aston Martin Vantage Safety car. New cars, new track management, new aerodynamic rules.

Are you ready to join us in this preview of F1 2022 ?

F1 Life, the first novelty of F1 2022
We open our preview by telling you about the first novelty of F1 2022 (which you can book on Amazon at the minimum guaranteed price ), the F1 Life mode . This is an area in which to experience Formula 1 at 360 °. In this particular section, we will be able to customize our character, his house, his car and we will be able to visit the houses of friends, as well as show ours. There will be a part dedicated to the aesthetics of our avatar: we will be able to change his physical appearance, choosing between different predefined models, and his outfit. In this case, we will be able to change t-shirt, pants, shoes, caps and much more .


After the modification of our character, we can move to that of our home . At the moment we can’t move objects, but we can change their style . We can choose a more or less modern sofa and the same for the furniture. To be in line with the title, we have chosen to include a coffee table with an engine at the base.

Also within this area, we will be able to buy our Supercar, modify it, display it and drive it . Once the choice has been made, we can put it in the living room, by the pool or wherever we like best. The car will be visible when friends visit that area of ​​the house. Unfortunately, in addition to this, however, we have not been able to do much else: it seems that we cannot walk inside the house, or make conversation with friends. In short, don’t expect a Formula 1 GTA .

Moving to the player HUB, we will find different sections, such as the brand shop or the object shop that will allow us to buy clothes and accessories for our character. There are several well-known brands, such as Robe di Kappa, Anti Social Social Club, Alpha Industries and much more. Products will be available for purchase via in-game currency or unlockable through challenges.

What other modalities have we encountered?
During our preview of F1 2022 , we got to take a look at the modes present in the final version . As in past years, we find a Career mode , in which we will be able to compete with our customized car or with an existing one . In the single career with default car, we can start both from Formula 2 and directly from Formula 1, while in the custom one, you can only start from Formula 1. We started a Career in Formula 2, but we have not noticed any particular changes compared to the previous chapter. Of course, something could still evolve before the final release, but we have no particular expectations for this historical and, in any case, already pleasantly developed mode. In addition to the single career, we will have the opportunity to face the challenge in a two-person career . In this case, the races can be fought alongside a friend, who can be your challenger or collaborator . You can manage R&D, various contracts, rivalries and more.

In addition to the classic Career, we find other single modes: Grand Prix, Time Trial and Pirelli Hot Lap . As for the first, we don’t see big twists; it’s about creating a race weekend or a series of customized events both in Formula 1 and in Formula 2. In the Time Trial , on the other hand, you will compete with yourself and with the other drivers, scoring the best time on the various circuits . An endless challenge, full of adrenaline, but also strategy and precision. In this section, you can drive Formula 1, Formula 2 or Supercars. After the categories in single, do not miss all the part relating to multiplayer . In F1 2022, in fact, you can challenge your friends in more than exciting challenges even on shared screen.

Other news of F1 2022 with the Pirelli Hot Lap
Among the new modes introduced, however, we find the one that allows us to drive road machines . These can be tested both through F1 Life and through the Pirelli Hot Lap mode . Initially, in F1 Life we ​​will be able to unlock a car, place it in our home, customize it and drive it.

We chose to drive a Mercedes, but it was also possible to make other choices, such as Ferrari or Aston Martin. During our F1 2022 preview , we tested many of the different Supercar proposals, all of which were interesting and fun. Once the Pirelli Hot Lap has been selected, another menu full of challenges will open.

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