F1 2022 abounds with news and we can finally see them in action

F1 2022 abounds with news and we can finally see them in action


F1 2022 abounds with news and we can finally see them in actioThe weekend just passed was not an exciting weekend for us Red fans, with Charles Leclerc who, after a not commendable strategy of the short wall, found himself content with fourth place during the Monte Carlo Grand Prix, despite starting from pole position.

Still, we will soon be able to try to make up for it in F1 2022 . The new official Formula 1 video game (you can find it on Amazon ) is starting to get very close and, in view of the debut on 1 July , Electronic Arts and Codemasters have raised the curtain on the work even further, revealing the news through an unreleased trailer .

Beyond the improved physics, which our Giulia had already given you an account of in our video preview, the game will also include the new F1 Sprint mode , but also iconic moments of the weekends on the track – such as the training laps , the stops at box including errors (better not to comment on it after the last GP, ed ) and also the safety car ‘s descent on the track in case of dangerous situations.

In addition, it will be possible to drive eight supercars in the Pirelli Hot Lap, while the tracks of Spain, Australia and Abu Dhabi have been updated to recreate the novelties that fans will see (or have already seen) at their respective tracks.

« F1 22 allows players to live their Formula 1 fantasies both on and off the track. Gamers are thrilled to enter the new era of Formula 1 with the introduction of new cars, regulations and greater control of race day moments “explained Lee Mather , F1® Senior Creative Director of Codemasters, through the official press release. with which we were joined by the publisher EA.

« F1 22 allows players to be more sociable with their friends even away from the circuit. The personalized space within F1 Life allows players to show off their collection of unmissable cars and accessories and be the envy of friends and rivals ».


Speaking of F1 Life , let’s talk about what EA defines as a “new social hub” , designed to show off your outfits, the trophies you’ve earned on the track and your cars. You can thus customize your alter ego, taking advantage of the rewards obtainable simply by playing.

The game (already bookable on Amazon , if you want), we remember, will also be equipped with an adaptive artificial intelligence , which will allow you to set the challengers on their level of skill. Alternatively, you can also eliminate certain complexities at will, to make the experience as accessible as possible.

F1 2022 is expected on PC (with also VR), PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. If you want to know how convinced it has so far, we recommend diving into our video preview with lots of gameplay at full speed .


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