External Hard Drives for PS5 The best of 2022

External Hard Drives for PS5 | The best of 2022

It took a few months, but in the end we made it: with an update , Sony introduced the ability to store PS5 games on its PlayStation 5 using external hard drives as well – a feature that was previously only limited. to PS4 games in backward compatibility. This means that, in case you need to free up some space on your SSD, you may decide to move your games to the hard drive connected via USB, and then transfer them back to the SSD to start them.

How to orient yourself, then, among the many external hard drives for consoles on the market? We have selected for you the most reliable and best performing ones, ideal for managing your PS5 games with dynamism and speed and to never find yourself with water in your throat as regards the free space of your console.

Here, then, are the best external hard drives for PS5 that you can find on the market.

The best external hard drives for PS5
Seagate for PlayStation 4
Western Digital Element
WD Gaming Drive
Toshiba Canvio
WD My Book
Seagate branded PlayStation
The official solution
Seagate The Last of Us
The Seagate brand also needs little introduction when it comes to storage, which is why the brand has made a series of officially licensed external hard drives for the PlayStation 4 (but which is fine, of course, for the PS5 too). . In denominations of 2 TB and with reading speeds of 120 Megabytes per second, you can decide to save something by opting for the sober all-black design , or to spend a little more in exchange for pure style, for example by choosing the version dedicated to The Last of Us – Part II .

» View Official Seagate PlayStation on Amazon
» View Official Seagate The Last of Us – Part II on Amazon

Western Digital Element 4TB

For those who want a lot of space
Western Digital
Let’s start with Western Digital Element , a 2.5 ″ external hard drive known not only for its solidity and absolute reliability, but also for its enormous capacity: we are talking about 4 TB of storage space, with therefore the possibility to really save tons of games to play with. In addition, the hard disk is equipped with a USB 3.0 connection port, to take advantage of the speed of the latest standard (which you can find, in fact, also on PS5).


2TB WD Gaming Drive

Reliable and capacious
WD Gaming Drive
Western Digital is a brand that ensures reliability when it comes to storage media, and even its WD Gaming Drive is no exception: this 2.5 external hard drive can be connected with USB 3.0 to your console, for maximum speed, and allows you to store video games for 2 TB , thus allowing you to significantly extend your library already installed and ready to use – which is also valid for the backwards compatibility of PS5, since the hard drive is sold as recommended for PlayStation consoles.

Toshiba Canvio Gaming

Reliability for gamers
Toshiba Canvio
A gaming alternative made by Toshiba is the Canvio model : this 2.5 “external hard drive allows you to store 2 TB of data and has a reading speed of 530 Gigabytes per second, allowing you to quickly access your favorite video games . The support has been tested to ensure compatibility with both PlayStation and Xbox, so purchasing it represents a choice of reliability and quality.


WD My Book 8TB

For those who want a lot, a lot of space
WD MyBook
We close our selection of the best external hard drives for consoles by pointing out the Western Digital My Book proposal : less portable than the other solutions, but ideal for those who do not plan to frequently move the console or bring games to friends’ homes. this 3.5 ″ external hard drive has a monstrous storage capacity of even 8 TB . This is the maximum cut allowed on PS5, perfect for heavier games that you may not want to bother to re-download in case you need to free up space on the console.

How to choose an external hard drive for PS5
There are several factors to consider when deciding to rely on an external hard drive for your PS5. On the market, in fact, there are external hard drives with different specificities, some of which can be important to evaluate for your console, while others are negligible and perhaps risk making you spend money for features that you would not fully exploit.

To help you orient yourself and understand which external hard drive is right for your PS5, we guide you below with some useful information, aimed at helping you choose not the best ever, but the best for you and your needs. .


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