Exoprimal Proven – The hunt for dinosaurs begins Review

Exoprimal | Proven – The hunt for dinosaurs begins

The sight of the dinosaurs during the first presentation of Exoprimal had for a moment misled and gave false hopes to the players: no, the series that everyone has been clamoring for years was not about to return, but a particular third-person shooter is on the way team that will throw you into chaos.

We tested it during one of the sessions made available by Capcom (you can find a selection of the games they have developed), currently working to verify the stability of the servers and all those balances that will serve to make it become, possibly, a product without imbalances evident.

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In this curious shooter, you will have to survive the waves of dinosaurs while completing certain objectives in succession before the other team. Sometimes it’s just a matter of speed, at other times you will have to work with your opponents to take down a powerful enemy that breaks into the field, and there will be no shortage of a healthy dose of PvP to stir things up further.

It is natural to wonder if Exoprimal, in the light of all this meat on the fire, actually has the potential to be able to establish itself on the market.

Exoprimal, the story
As you can imagine in such a game, the story is essentially just a trivial excuse to throw players into arenas and push them to take out anything that moves on the screen. We do know, however, that Exoprimal is set in an alternative version of 2040, the year in which hordes of dinosaurs appear that endanger the very survival of humanity.

A multinational called Aibius has developed an advanced AI capable of predicting dinosaur assaults well in advance. This allows soldiers equipped with exocoraces an effective defense and at the same time offers a concrete possibility to avoid the extinction of our species.

By progressing in rank and continuing to play the survival mode, in addition to obtaining experience points and rewards, Exoprimal also provides for the unlocking of some sequences related to the story.

Beyond the narrative premises, which as we said are all in all of the little consequence if we consider the deeper nature of Exoprimal, the new Capcom project is entirely focused on a type of game structure that provides a series of objectives that will be declared. at the beginning of each “stage”.

It is interesting to see how the player will not be bound to the classes chosen at the beginning (the only restriction is the specific use of the excoriates), but on the contrary, he can change them on the fly at any moment precisely to better adapt to the missions and needs of his own. squad.

Here, then, you can choose between excoriates of assault, support, or the so-called colossus that act in all respects as a tank. The equipment of those who choose to attack can vary and the choice of the weapon will affect for example the range and the rate of fire.

These ideal parameters must be taken into great consideration, especially during certain specific missions in which you have to stay safe while the enemy ranks are thinning out or when you have to make your opponents lose certainty by sending them into confusion or forcing them to act with their heads down and with little strategy.

When you consider that the screen is often saturated with velociraptors that lash out at you and your companions all the time, it is clear that this is a class that should not be underestimated.

The same goes for the support class, which keeps companions alive, provides buffs, and generally makes it easier to conquer certain objectives. A good mix of exocoraces, a high degree of skill, and maximum harmony will therefore guarantee the best results, which will be communicated at each step giving the mini victory to the team that was fastest.

It is also important to take into account the specificities of the exocorazze, which include types suitable for melee, the long-range ones, the classic versatile and suitable for doing a bit of everything well without excelling in anything and others that we leave you the pleasure of discovering.

Each game of Exoprimal, as emerged, will always tend to be quite diverse. This happens both because there is always a good mix of proposed activities, and because it is difficult to deal with unknowns on the pitch that can turn the tide of matches very quickly.

The proposed missions will range from the total purge of the dinosaurs that will pour into the world through space-time gaps, to defense and transport operations, up to clashes against huge dinosaurs.

More specifically, in addition to the classic “Dinosaur Hunting” which ends when the maddened hordes of velociraptors are reduced, Exoprimal includes among the missions the defense of a VTOL from the tireless assaults of the dinosaurs, the collection of energy on the head while fighting against the other team and the so-called Omega Assault.

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