Everything you need to know about Starfield: space battles, a thousand planets and tons of grind

Everything you need to know about Starfield: space battles, a thousand planets and tons of grind

Sequel: Official: the main character of Starfield will not have voice acting, and the dialogue will be implemented as in The Elder Scrolls
At the Xbox presentation, Todd Howard finally showed the gameplay of Starfield . Gamers learned about the plot, shooting, customization and other aspects of the game – but not everyone liked what they saw. So will Starfield be a hit? We will tell everything that is known about the new creation of Bethesda, and answer this question.

Why is Starfield so eagerly awaited?
There were rumors about the development of Starfield back in 2016, but the game was officially announced only in 2018. At the presentation, the developers showed nice art with a logo and disappeared from the radar for three years. At times, minor details about the development leaked into the network, but they were too few to form even a superficial opinion.

Once again, the upcoming creation of Bethesda was remembered as part of E3 2021, when a beautiful CGI video was presented at the Xbox presentation. The authors did not go into the details of the gameplay and did not show a single screenshot on the engine – however, the cinematics were enough to stir up the interest of the audience. After all, the video called the release date: November 11, 2022 – just in time for Skyrim ‘s birthday .

Alas, due to the transfer, the developers will not be able to release the game on a beautiful date. But, in order to somehow compensate for the moral suffering of gamers, Todd Howard and the team prepared a 15-minute gameplay video. It is not enough to answer all questions about Starfield, but there is enough content for first impressions.

The trailer showed action, exploration of the world, customization and many other mechanics. In general, they leave a pleasant impression, but Starfield will definitely not live up to the expectations of many gamers. The fact is that calling the game “Skyrim in space” is not entirely correct – rather, we are talking about Fallout and No Man’s Sky with the addition of a pinch of The Elder Scrolls.

The events of the game take place in 2330. By this point, mankind has built sophisticated spaceships and colonized many planets far from Earth. People began to build cities in the new worlds, collected invaluable resources and prospered – alas, they never learned to live peacefully.

One day, two factions unleashed a large-scale Colonial War: the massacre ended long ago, but the consequences are still visible. The unrest has spawned many bandits, pirates and religious fanatics who control part of the galaxy and spoil everyone’s life.

The protagonist of Starfield is a recruit of a large space organization. His duty is to explore the worlds, extract resources, carry out small assignments and rebuff the villains. However, the main feature of the character in inexplicable visions. Every now and then he sees some artifacts and other devilry.

Instead of giving the hero pills, the companions call him the chosen one. It turns out that there is a group of people called “Constellation”, which has long been chasing artifacts and trying to collect them into a single whole. It is not yet known what the mysterious objects are capable of – according to colleagues, if you collect them all, life will become better. This is what we will be doing in the main story.

The story seems normal, but you should not expect anything extraordinary from it. It seems that the writers failed to create an original setting and come up with a more intelligible motivation than the pursuit of the next set of magical things.


However, the main story has never been Bethesda’s strong point: the battle with Alduin and the search for the Institute was also not very impressive. But Skyrim and Fallout 4 told a lot of good side stories – most likely, Starfield will also focus on third-party quests about interesting cults, insidious corporations and planets with incredible secrets.

Starfield is a game about grinding
Starfield will have a lot of mechanics, but the focus will be on exploration and grinding. When the hero landed on the moon of Crete, he immediately took out a scanner and began to delve into the nature of minerals and rocks. Then, in his hands was a laser gun for extracting resources – with its help, the character obtained a rare good. You will probably have to do something like this throughout the game.

The world of Starfield includes more than a thousand planets: some of them are habitable, while others are worth looking at solely for the resources. At the same time, each space object will have its own values ​​​​scattered, so the hero will have to fly around the galaxy to fill bags with all the necessary good.

There are many uses for resources. With their help, the hero will be able to craft modifications for weapons and costumes, upgrade the spaceship with new armor and guns, and build outposts.

So far, the developers have not told why outposts are needed, however, according to rumors, they will be able to automate the extraction of resources, and research will also be carried out there. If you want to quickly open access to new guns, modifications and technologies.



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