Electronic Arts is developing a Marvel video game, there is a clue

Electronic Arts is developing a Marvel video game, there is a clue


Undoubtedly, Marvel video games have their charm, or at least the potential of being able to attract a large audience, which Electronic Arts seems to want to pursue.

The FIFA publisher , which you can also find on Amazon , has many important licenses on which he has actually developed video games.

Just think of Star Wars , also from Disney as Marvel, of which there is a new game in development by the author of Uncharted.

While video games already released, such as Jedi Fallen Order , may even have ambitious crossovers with the most important shows .

And it seems that among the licenses that Electronic Arts will have on its hands there will also be Marvel, with a new video game in development.

As PlayStation Lifestyle reports , a very well-known insider had news regarding a project linked to the characters of the House of Ideas.

Nick Baker , also known as Shpeshal_Nick on the web, talked about it in the latest episode of XboxEra Podcast .

In the transmission, which you find above , the insider revealed the little information that was provided to him by an anonymous source :

“So, out of nowhere, this new source sent me a dm the other day saying,” So, um, EA is making a Marvel game , I heard EA is probably making a Marvel game. “

Later, Baker added that his source also mentioned what the IP , then the hero or characters, of the Marvel world the video game would be centered on could be.


But, since it would be easy to piece together the story from these clues, he hasn’t revealed what it is.

Also, having no other confirmations from people closer to EA, the insider still doesn’t feel too sure about spreading this rumor permanently.

If this rumor turns out to be true, we hope that EA’s project can find a better fate than other titles like Marvel’s Avengers , just to give an example .

Electronic Arts could be doubly protagonist in this period, because the announcement of a new Need for Speed ​​could also arrive next month .

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