Elden Ring, update 1.05 available: here’s what changes

Elden Ring, update 1.05 available: here’s what changes

After completing a maintenance that lasted a total of about 3 hours, Bandai Namco and FromSoftware have officially announced that the Elden Ring patch 1.05 is available on all platforms.

From now on, players will be able to download the new Elden Ring update (you can retrieve the Launch Edition at a discount on Amazon ): the declared goal of the developers is to improve the stability and performance of the game.

As usual, the release of the new patch has temporarily disabled multiplayer for users who do not have a copy updated to the latest version: it will therefore be necessary to download the new patch to have fun online.

The official changelog has revealed multiple bugfixes and some fundamental improvements specific to some versions, with an eye to the PC edition but with important upgrades also on PlayStation and Xbox.

The Elden Ring update 1.05 improves the stability of online multiplayer for the PS5 and PS4 versions , while for the Xbox Series X | S editions, loading times have been made faster.

On PC , however , support for mouse and keyboard has been improved , while at the same time fixing a bug that worsened performance after changing the type of screen and resolution. Additionally, the option to go back to the desktop directly on the main menu has been added, making it easier to exit the game.

One of the most important changes implemented by patch 1.05 is the addition of sound effects for other players’ summon signs, so you always know when new ones will appear. In addition, some Ā«Bell BearingĀ» items have been modified to ensure that their new status remains intact even during a game with New Game + .

As we mentioned at the beginning, the new patch is available from this moment on all consoles and allows you to fix multiple errors : if you are curious to discover them all, you can consult the complete changelog at the following address .

If you need a hand to tackle the challenges of the Interregnum, you may be interested in the official guides for collectors .

Even today, users are trying to discover all the secrets and the most original ways to complete the adventure: there are those who have discovered a fun trick to beat a boss without using even an attack .

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