Elden Ring, the latest patch adds “secret” news: here’s what has changed

Elden Ring, the latest patch adds “secret” news: here’s what has changed

The latest Elden Ring update , released only last week, was not limited to just improving performance and fixing many bugs: FromSoftware has in fact decided to implement many small ” secret ” news .

The soulslike open world (you can buy the Launch Edition for fast delivery on Amazon ) constantly takes into account user feedback , thus constantly updating the Interregnum to improve the user experience.

This is a process that has gone on constantly over the course of the latest updates , in some cases even involving the modification of important cutscenes : the development team has therefore shown that it is particularly careful not to leave anything to chance.

Also in this case, with the 1.05 update , significant changes have arrived that have not been reported in the long changelog , thus leaving the pleasure of discovery to users.

Warning: Below you will find spoilers related to the Elden Ring boss battles.

If you have not yet completed the FromSoftware adventure and you do not want to spoil the surprise, we do not recommend continuing to read.


Game Rant has therefore summarized all the main changes hidden within the latest Elden Ring patch , the first of which is visible immediately after the defeat of Radahn.

After beating this dangerous boss, we will in fact discover that a meteor will crash into the Interregnum, thus causing a gigantic crater in which the Lightless will have to enter, to complete a mission.

This is an optional area, but necessary to complete Ranni’s quests: update 1.05 has decided to introduce a special marker to indicate to users where exactly this area is, while before it was necessary to use your wits to discover it without any help.

Another useful change introduced concerns the golden runes , which will now reveal exactly how many runes we will be able to obtain after using them: in fact, users will remember how before there was always a mysterious element on the actual total quantity.

Finally, the third and final secret change concerns once again the Elden Ring Interregnum map : the developers have in fact removed a non-existent road that should have led users directly to Jarburg .

If in one case it was therefore a matter of having fixed what appears to be an oversight of the development team, for the other interventions it was decided to make the adventure less mysterious and help users in difficulty.

We will see what the next news will be: the developers of Elden Ring have in fact thanked their fans for the success, promising that new updates are coming .

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